08/17/2012 04:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

"Black Love Superstars" (VIDEO)

"Black Love Superstars" Video by Head-Roc:

For the past four years, and with increasing frequency operating from this place known as "Chocolate City," the word "Black" has strategically been a feature of the Head-Roc Public Relations campaign:

"Black Love is Back"
"Chocolate City Rocks"
"Black Rock Star Super Hero Music"
"Holla Black and Love"

What I am promoting, though art, is the understanding that "Black Love" is a proven and viable solution/cure that can be utilized in any culture where racial, cultural, and class disenfranchisement is present.

As an Artist promoting "Black Love," I find that, initially, the term is taken as something foreign by the Poplar Masses here in the States, almost as if "Black Love" is not an All-American treasure -- which "Black Love" most certainly is, although not exclusively. Indeed, by way of the actions history "Black Love"exists everywhere in the world!

I am rarely asked what is "Black Love." Well, to me, "Black Love" simply is the determination of a people to overcome all obstacles of oppression, and to do so while still enjoying and being connected to the miracle of life. All too often, imagery associated with "Black Love" is either stereotypically negative, comical or culturally watered down.

In advance of my Spring 2013 release, The Black Love Album, I wrote a song called "Black Love Superstars" about, what else, Black Love!

There is now a music video to accompany it starring none other than Chocolate City Rock Star Go-Go Media Personality and Author Tahira Chloe Mahdi, a.k.a "99" of TMOTTGoGo Fame.

Filmed on location in New York City, "Black Love Superstars" is blowing up on the internet a little bit, and this artistic expression of "Black Love" is sparking a variety of interpretations (and rumors) as it makes its way to blogs across the country, and even international pop culture sites.