04/02/2012 04:56 pm ET Updated Jun 02, 2012

Renee Bowser for Ward 4 Council

It's election year and if you're like me, you may be a little put off to find that the primary election is this coming Tuesday, April 3, 2012! That's about six months earlier than it usually is and, in my opinion, part of the effort to continually confuse D.C. residents to keep us out of the loop of consistent and reliable information regarding anything dealing with local government. But the focus of this piece is not about that...

It's about Ward 4 Candidate Renee Bowser (Democrat) being my top pick to upset and remove an Adrian Fenty era incumbent politician from our city council. Interestingly enough, that upset could happen during the primary election -- just as it did in the case with the now former Mayor Fenty.

Renee Bowser has won the endorsement of Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO which has also endorsed Tom Brown (Ward 7) and Marion Barry (Ward 8). In addition, Renee has also earned the huge endorsement of United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. Together, that's the endorsement of "Big Labor" in this small town, and it is a significant one especially since the Ward 4 incumbent is a Walmart supporter with two stores slated to open in Ward 4!

Furthermore, and maybe not so coincidentally, the incumbent has been asked by the Living Wages Healthy Communities Coalition to reveal her financial ties to Walmart in the wake of knowledge that known Walmart lobbyist David Wilcot "threw a fundraiser for Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser at his home, and may have served on Bowser's reelection finance committee, which she denies." It is important to note that the Bowser to which this statement is in reference to, and the subject of other Ward 4 mismanagement scrutiny by other prominent members of the community, is the current Ward 4 Council member: Muriel Bowser.

Wait a minute! Renee Bowser? Muriel Bowser? Two Bowsers? Yes! Two Bowsers! They are unrelated except for the fact they are running for the same Ward 4 City Council seat, and competing in the same Democratic primary in the D.C. on April 3.

Renee Bowser is pro-union, pro-DCPS, pro-community economic development (read: anti-Walmart), pro-community -- period. On all these issues and more Renee Bowser is "The Better Bowser." Kind of catchy, right? I did not make that up, but I do hope my Ward 4 Democrat friends remember it! Which brings me to the focus of this piece...

Knowing Renee Bowser for a number years now, having stood side by side with her at numerous events and actions advocating for the uplift of historically disenfranchised D.C. residents, I am certainly proud say she is a friend of mine. Understanding the challenge Renee Bowser faces with voters possibly confusing her name with the incumbent's on the Democrat primary ticket, I wrote a lil song extolling her virtues and to brand her name to Ward 4 Residents looking for better and responsible leadership over the next four years.

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the official anthem for the Renee Bowser 4 Ward 4 Council campaign!

***Also, there is a Youtube slideshow presentation Renee's campaign has just released that incorporates the Renee Bowser 4 Ward 4 Council anthem.