09/05/2012 01:28 pm ET Updated Nov 05, 2012

TV Is So Wack

I would like lodge a complaint against The New World Order...

Dear Subliminal Mind Control Agents, I do not like it when I'm watching "live" broadcasts and the screen suddenly flickers, goes out for less than a second, then on screen I see the same '' broadcast video I watched 10 seconds ago. This is especially frustrating during sports events. Please fix. Thanks! Head-Roc

Now, whether you believe it to be a function of TNWO or not, you gotta agree with me that something indeed is funked up with network broadcasting ever since the forced exodus of everyone to digital television.

Have you experienced it yet? Thus far, in all fairness, I have only witnessed it with sports broadcasts. I'll be watching a play during a football game and then all of a sudden the TV "Kirk's Out," blinks and flashes, smoke came out the top, and then poof! It's back on... only what I'm watching I just watched 10 seconds ago! Hello! WTF??

Does that not disturb anyone else? What does that say about how real time "Real Time" events are? Or maybe nowadays what's considered "Real Time" is actually "Reel Time"? Has anyone ever read George Orwell's 1984? Hey, is it a known fact that Bush Jr. was staging press conferences for Public Relations (and Lord knows what else, eh?). Anywho...

Too much production is a bad thing, you know. Like all these CSI style shows. What's up with the graphic animation of trauma wounds to the human body that seems to be the basis of them all? I'm talking about all the morgue shots and the 'recreation of the scene' scenes. Also, there is the obsession with plots steeped in violence... and we can't forget the overly stoic characters. What's wack is that there are a thousand shows like CSI, and they are all the same and about as cleverly redundant as this sentence is! Jeez!

Oh, and another thing I abhor about today's TV programming is the co-opting of Hip-Hop culture. Cutting to the chase, I don't see black and brown folks beat boxing, cutting and scratching, b-boying or MC'ing in the commercials anymore, do you? Hey, Let me know if you do and where. I'm just saying...

TV's so wack! And not just because I don't like what's happened to the role portrayal hip-hop culture receives in commercial programming. Flat out, there is nothing original in network programming. No real information is ever obtained from watching TV, as far as I can tell these days, except to scare the shit out of you one way or another.

So, except for sports, during Football and Basketball season primarily, I don't watch TV at all. With that said, whoever is at the controls... please fix the glitch in the Matrix. Thanks!

To further stress the point, I submit the following:

TV so wack by Head-Roc for GODISHEUS: