05/13/2015 09:35 am ET Updated May 12, 2016

Juggling All the Balls

All talk last week revolved around deflated balls.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was found probably guilty, I guess that's the word, of tampering with his balls. Footballs that is. Everywhere I looked. Balls! Balls! Balls!

I enjoy football. I like watching the Pats. I especially like watching Brady. Who doesn't? Come on now, he's talented, has a cleft chin and looks pretty darn good in a uniform.

He's now paying the price for adjusting his balls. Underinflating? Overinflating? Greased them? Juggled them? At this point I have sort of zoned out because it's become so tiresome.

I don't necessarily agree with the punishment, a four-game suspension seems a bit over-the-top considering another NFL player with the initials "RR" beat his girlfriend and only got a two-game suspension. But I do think there should be some sort of ramification if he did indeed do something wrong.

In New England, fans are ticked off and rushing to Brady's defense. The rest of the country is gleeful that the golden boy is going down.

In the end though, it's all fairly ridiculous. We're talking about a game where a man, a human, just like us, can throw a football pretty good.

Meanwhile in other news...

Nepal was hit with a second earthquake causing death and complete devastation.

Oh wait, did you hear about Tom Brady's balls?

In Nashville, Arkansas, Melissa and Michael Mooneyhan died when they shielded their daughter from a tornado. The daughter miraculously survived.

Hey, did you hear about Brady's balls?

Another blogger, Ananta Bijoy Das, 32, was hacked to death in Bangladesh for his criticism of Islam.

But let's get back to Brady's balls.

The only balls I care about are the ones I try to keep up in the air trying to make my life work.
I have my kids. From them I pull so much strength. My intentions are to raise them to be honest, loving, caring, confident and authentic people.

My job. I love to write. Granted the pay is peanuts, but it gets me out of bed every morning. Each day offers a new story, a new angle. I get to meet and talk to someone I've never met before. My friends. On those days I can't get out of bed, it is my friends who rally, who allow me to wallow, but not stay there forever.

Hold onto those that love you. Don't let them go. Finding someone willing to love you for your flaws and your entire being... that's a pretty rare thing. Focus on the things that truly matter and for the love of God, can we let Tom deal with his own deflated balls?