12/13/2012 09:41 am ET Updated Feb 12, 2013

5 Ways Facebook's Social Jobs App Will Impact the Job Search

Facebook's Social Jobs App finally launched last month. With so many tools for job seekers, will adding another one to the bunch make the process easier, or simply cause more noise in the space? Several experts weighed in on how it will impact the job search below:

Facebook's Social Jobs App Unlikely To Become A Job Seeker's Primary Resource
Facebook's new Social Jobs App is a great idea, but job seekers shouldn't throw in the towel on their other search methods. Job seekers should be focused on more than job boards, they should be developing a personal brand and using social media to connect to other thought leaders. While job seekers should look at their Facebook profiles as extensions of their candidate brand, it's probably too soon to do all your searching from the Facebook platform.

-- Josh Tolan, Spark Hire

Access to Almost Anyone For Recruiters and Job Seekers
Facebook's new social jobs app is a significant recruiting tool because the user database is millions and millions of people. Recruiters gain access to almost anyone and vice versa. LinkedIn is a more professional level/managerial level/executive level network and The Ladders is mostly executive. Facebook is everyone -- blue collar too.

-- Stacey Hawley, Credo

Streamline a Number of Job Boards
This will make it easier for job seekers to find and apply for various positions. In this respect, it will enhance the job search, and I anticipate it will initially have a big impact on the graduate recruitment market -- which generally has more time to use Facebook than the rest of the working population. However, employers will have an opportunity to view each candidate's profile on Facebook- which is not always a good thing. Those applying for jobs may have to clean up their profiles and edit their comments, pictures and 'likes' in order to reflect a more professional image.

-- Stephanie Jones, Cuff Jones

Making Job Searching Worse Than Casino Odds
Facebook is just another avenue in the diluted job board space. Job searching will only become more competitive with the addition of the Facebook app. We have seen boards come and go while those seeking a new career will find no quarter with the new Facebook app. The issue is having 200 people dog pile into one job posting making competition extreme, if you're someone seeking a new job, I don't recommend one in 200 odds.

-- Vanessa Smith, JMJ Phillip

Simpler Method of Job Searching
Powered by Jobvite and other developers already listing jobs on Facebook, the SJP app currently aggregates more than 1.9 million jobs into a single, user-friendly tool for job hunters. (Jobvite alone provides instant access to 29,000+ open job listings from its customers.) Users can sort, filter and search by keyword, location (zip code, city or state), industry and type of work. Jobvite's participation offers a streamlined method of searching, applying and sharing for open positions by allowing users to quickly look through listings, apply within the platform and "Like" or "Send" to friends via their Facebook profile.

-- Dan Finnigan, Jobvite

What do you think? Will you use the Social Jobs App? Why or why not?