09/13/2013 04:19 pm ET Updated Nov 13, 2013

Take the Leap -- Crossroads

~ Excerpt from Heather McCloskey Beck's new book, Take the Leap ~

We are living in a fascinating time of great and powerful change unfolding within every facet of life all around our planet. Within our remarkable scientific and technological discoveries, some of these changes have the capacity to bring either great opportunity or imminent destruction to our world, contingent upon perception and intent and how it is applied. It is one of life's greatest paradoxes that something so small and innately powerful as an atom can be used for such brilliant benefit or just as readily be transformed into something terrifyingly potent, with the power to annihilate life as we know it. All it takes is one vitally vibrant thought or one nightmarish dream to start those wheels into motion.

As we are catapulted into this twenty-first century, we are being bombarded by the complexities of a fast-paced world and a fierce competition that surrounds us in all that we do. Our economies are deeply compromised and our planet's health is in serious jeopardy, due to our lack of conscience and care. Far too often, we are challenged by our religions and political structures that seem to divide us rather than bringing us together as a united and creative people. Are we, the human collective, so busy trying to simply make it through each day that we have forgotten what it feels like to experience a true sense of joy or a brilliant moment of inspiration? Are we, the people, who have become focused on accumulating rather than creating something uniquely remarkable, fated to become a world dulled by mediocrity?

Are we, the human collective, so busy trying to simply
make it through each day that we have forgotten what it
feels like to experience a true sense of joy or a brilliant
moment of inspiration?

Unfortunately, it seems that we have forgotten that we are powerfully talented beings born with an enormous transformative potential to create whatever we might dare to imagine within our areas of specialty. We were not destined to Leap into these lives simply to do the bidding of others. We came here to express our own unique Essence, with the assistance of a higher conscience and consciousness, which we now know as our Guide.

However, as we walk the pathway of our lives, distractions abound in many guises, causing good intentions and great ideas to become derailed, inadvertently allowing destructive designs to force themselves upon us. When we lose sight of what we were born to do, we open the doorway for mediocrity to elbow its way in, leaving us weakened and careless. We become quick to self-gratify yet slow to reflect. We prioritize improving our social standing and income flow, and consider our children's accomplishments to be a direct reflection upon our own productive parenting. Have we forgotten that these are our children: soulful individuals born to create their own unique lives, according to their own inner directive? Is it possible that we have truly forgotten that each one of us was born with our own inner initiative to become the highest and best version of ourselves that we could possibly be?

Just how significant is this bankruptcy of self that has insidiously woven its way into the cultures of our world? How far have we allowed ourselves to unravel, to fall apart, losing our innate sense of self and our power to create? For those of us keen enough to observe, we recognize that our Earth is rich with symbolism and metaphor, acting as a mirror, reflecting the greatness as well as the ills of our human condition. By engaging our Genius or by ignoring its resonant Call, humankind has defined the complexion of the world in which we now live, in all its glory and in all its ugliness.

We are poised at a crossroads, with the power to choose how we wish to move forward in our lives and within our world. It is we who bear the responsibility to collectively determine the present and future health and welfare of our families, of our nations, and of our entire planet in all matters of mind, body, and spirit. Yes, we are fully capable of creating a beautiful and sustainable world to love and live in, but we need to awaken our awareness and rekindle our desire to actively choose to do this, both individually and together as one people, for the benefit of all.

Heather McCloskey Beck's new book, Take the Leap, will be available in all book stores and online, in both print and digital formats, on October 1st, 2013.
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