07/26/2010 07:58 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Never Again: Germany's Responsibility

Today member states of the European Union met in Brussels to finalize new sanctions against the Iranian regime. In today's Los Angeles Times I published this piece calling on the government of Germany to do the right thing and lead the way in imposing crippling sanctions on Iran.

A mere 70 years after the last attempted annihilation of the Jewish people, a rogue regime that has threatened a nuclear Holocaust races to gain nuclear capability. Most of the world looks the other way. A few nations and their leaders mouth words of support for Israel and her people, while adopting policies of appeasement.

We have been here before.

There are, however, a few precious individuals -- people of conscience and courage, such as Ulrike Becker and Michael Spaney, featured in my piece, who stand with Israelis, with Iranians who oppose their government's tyranny, and with all people in the mideast and beyond who fight to breathe free of fanatical jihadist domination. Spaney and Becker are trying to hold their (German) government accountable for its policy of doing big business with a regime that threatens Israel, and tortures its own people.

This time around, let the great moderate majority of the world's people form an alliance and find our voices before things get out of hand. Israelis will never lie down in the face of a mortal threat -- nor will we who support them and who cherish our own freedom.