05/22/2014 06:16 pm ET Updated Jul 22, 2014

3 Keys to Finding True Love

"They" call me an energetic matchmaker.

Somehow, someway people come to me -- single, searching and ready for true love. One to three Soul Alignment sessions (group, individual or a combination) later most of them are in a committed relationship and often with the love of their life. The requests for me to officiate my clients' weddings is mounting and I couldn't be more shocked at this "gift." A gift that seems to have come from out of nowhere.

You see, I've had quite the rom-com ride with love. There's been marriage and divorce. There's been not-so-great guys (thanks early 20s and 30s) and really fantastic guys (thank you mid-30s!).

But, what I do know is energy. What I do know is Higher Consciousness and what I do know is that when you combine all of this with a mad passion for love -- one that usually renders me jumping up and down clapping like a silly school girl when my clients tell me they have met the love of their life -- magic is possible. It's no wonder I was guided to write three romance novels, one of which was optioned as a film, and let's not forget my first book, filled with poetry titled on the topic of, you guessed it, love. It's no wonder that one look at my astrological chart reveals that everything that is happening for me in this life is in the houses of relationship, sex and spirituality. My mentor explained it to me simply -- my karmic purpose in this life allows me to channel powerful soul love alignment energy to my clients.

Want to get your hands on some of it? I knew you might, and besides -- you're ready to take the rom-com ride to the next level of loving bliss!

Below are the three keys to finding true love -- as I've learned through this wildly magical, breathtaking and rom-com-esque journey:

1. Do. Your. Soul. Alignment. Work. No more excuses, you've got to make your alignment with the core of who-you-really-are your number one priority. Without it, you may attract love, but not necessarily your high-vibing, taking your life next level love. Find a modality and practitioner you totally resonate with that you can trust and receive consistent alignment from them. Going soul is a powerful process and you deserve to work with the best of the best. Don't settle -- ever. Your whole life will flourish from this one step, I promise you.

2. Be unapologetically clear about what you want. I'm not talking about making a list of qualities and characteristics of your perfect partner. The truth is, what Higher Consciousness has in store for you is so much bigger and better than you could ever imagine. You just don't know. Surrender to that truth and get clear on this: Do you want a lifelong partnership? A long-term committed relationship? A marriage? A casual dating partner? Don't go with what your mind tells you, feel into your heart for the answer. Then have a conversation with your Higher Power (whatever that looks like for you) and lay it out in clear and no uncertain terms -- you are ready and you will not stop until it is yours. Be convicted. Allow yourself to own the truth of your desire. When you do, you set yourself free and you allow the Universe to work with you for your highest good. Then lay off, let the Universe do its thing. You only need to affirm it once. If you want to up the power factor - make it into a ritual where you state your clear intention to your Higher Power.

3. Follow your impulses, inspirations and the signs from the Universe. There is no way your true love can come to you unless you allow it to occur. That means following your impulses and intuitions - no matter how wack-a-doodle they may seem! Do not question your sudden draw to go go-kart racing or join a bike club or eat breakfast at a health food store in the early morning hours. Your intuition and your connection to Higher Consciousness will guide you - if you let it. Which is why #1 on this list is so critical. When you spend more of your time connected to your soul than not, you'll feel/know/sense the signs/impulses and follow them without question.

Love is one of the greatest experiences we can have as human beings. And when we bring our connection to our Soul and Higher Consciousness into it, true love will not be withheld from us. All of the rules about what's possible are shattered when we allow our true connection with all that is to lead the way.

Happy Loving!

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