Let Intuition Be the CEO of Your Business

Look at revolutionaries like Oprah and Steve Jobs -- folks who consistently mention "intuition" as part of their process. I believe we can all thrive in our businesses and in our lives if we make intuition our CEO.
09/03/2013 02:12 pm ET Updated Nov 03, 2013

For four years I worked in what most would consider -- myself included -- the best corporate job a girl could have. I was able to work from home most of the time, I enjoyed lots of autonomy, worked with great people, was paid a decent salary and had awesome health benefits. In short, I was experiencing a so-called "dream job." Even so, in quiet moments I would feel a tug in my heart, a call to step outside the delightful corporate box I was in and go deeper. The calls of entrepreneurship were getting louder and stronger, despite my batting the thoughts away.

Then, one day during my meditation practice, a knowing thought floated in. "Give notice on April 12, your last day will be June 12." At this point I had been seeing clients as a BodyTalk practitioner on the side -- on evenings and weekends. I was only seeing three clients a week at best, so diving full time into my healing practice seemed premature. However, a deeper part of me knew that this guidance was too strong and too clear to ignore. So a week later, I gave my notice.

Fast forward one year later and my practice is thriving in ways I never imagined. My healing circles and courses have more than quadrupled in size and I have had such demand for my healing that I've had to make significant changes to how many in-person clients I see so that I can facilitate more distance sessions for clients all over North America. I'm living a lifestyle I didn't even know was possible for me back when that first piece of guidance floated in.

You see, ever since that first bit of inspired guidance, I have been following everything that my intuition and outer guidance through meditation brings. And as I do, my practice has thrived like nothing I've ever experienced before.

This is the new paradigm of business, where our intuition is the CEO.

We are fortunate enough to live in a country that allows us to pretty much start up any business of our choice and we live in a time in human consciousness where we don't have to play by the old rules. We can run a business completely led by our inner guidance. Others may call this our soul, our higher self or our inner pilot light -- but it all means the same thing -- it's the part of us that knows. We all have it, and I imagine a world where we are all using it, all of the time.

Look at revolutionaries like Oprah and Steve Jobs -- folks who consistently mention "intuition" as part of their process. I believe we can all thrive in our businesses and in our lives if we make intuition our CEO.

That doesn't mean we completely abandon the brilliance of the mind, but it does mean the mind stops making all of our decisions. Our culture has revered the mind for so long that almost all of us in the Western world think that who we really are, is the thoughts we think and what's going on in our mind. But, that's absolutely not true. The mind is much like a computer and the thoughts we think are just reoccurrences of conditioning and messaging we've absorbed throughout our life. Our inner guidance is meant to lead the way and then allows the mind to do what it does best -- sort out details, make a plan, take action steps. We've had it backwards the whole time!

So, how do you know if you're ready to make your intuition the CEO of your business? Three indicators that you might be:

• You were immediately drawn to this article and feel excited as you read these words.
• You feel bored with your job or current business model. You feel a tug or a pull from within to expand, but your mind has no idea what that could be and the options out there just don't "feel" right or don't pan out if you try to "make" them happen.
• You have experienced making intuitive decisions instead of mind-based ones and have seen instant results -- in ways that shocked and inspired you.

So, how do you start? My upcoming online course Run a Spirit-Led Business (& Thrive!) is geared towards giving you all of the tools you need to join this new paradigm of business, a paradigm where we let the knowing within us light the way as we reach new heights in our success. Leave your comments and questions below -- I would love to support you on this rich and abundant journey!

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