12/09/2013 11:52 am ET Updated Feb 08, 2014

5 Steps to Rock Your Life and Live Your Truth

I just sat on my couch and cried.

And despite my previous relationship of self-pity and victimhood with crying, these were not those kind of tears. They were actually tears of joy.

Tears of complete and utter joy streaming down my face as I said over and over again, "Thank you." Chills coursing up and down my body as I heard my words repeated back to me, "Thank you."

It was a love celebration, a gratitude party held between me and me.

Sounding a bit too woo-woo for you?

If so, don't despair -- there are millions of articles you can read about politics, business and things going wrong. But you won't find any of that here. Right here, right now, we're going to get our truth on.

We're going to talk about what really matters in this world -- knowing who you really are and living from that place. Knowing your truth above and beyond what the media says, what your family says, what your friends say, or even what I say, for that matter.

I certainly know this story well. Raised as a Jehovah's Witness by parents who were barely adults, my entire life up until age 24 (when divine intervention allowed me to leave the JWs) was spent being told and believing that someone else out there knew my truth.

And for the past 11 years I've been on a journey to know who I really am above all of the opinions, noise and drama out there so that I can do what I am here to do -- radiate this truth as a reminder to as many as Divine Will allows.

This led me to sitting on my couch, tears streaming down my face, reciting over and over again, "Thank you" as I felt energy moving all around me. Is this resonating with you? Giving you chills as you read it? If so, check out the five tried-and-true methods below for rockin your life living your truth like never before:

• Meditate every single day for a minimum of 20 minutes. Silent, guided, 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there -- doesn't matter. Just do it. There's no wrong way, have the intention to meditate and you are meditating.

• Engage in a daily spiritual practice to accompany this. Prayer, candles, rituals -- again, doesn't matter -- only that it resonates with you. I go more in-depth into non-denominational spiritual practice creation here if you feel so guided to check it out.

• Feel your feelings. When something in your life happens and you feel anger, grief, rage, sadness rise up within you you've got to feel it. Don't dismiss it, don't push it away and don't stuff it down with food, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, Internet, TV, etc. Be with the feeling. Find where it is in your body. Breathe into it. Ask it what it wants to share with you. Let the emotions move through you. They won't last forever and they need release. This brings us to...

• Clear, release and balance your body-mind-spirit on a consistent basis. BodyTalk is the only healing modality I've ever found to do this and is recommended by one of the leading scientists in the world, Bruce Lipton. Again, find your practitioner(s) and your way to do this on a monthly to twice-monthly basis.

• Daily gratitude. Even if you don't wanna. Even if you really are pissed that so-and-so didn't do what you wanted him/her to do. Find the gratitude in every freakin' moment of your life. Because you're here and that alone is cause for rejoicing.

Only you know, deep inside of you, the path and the way that is best for you. When you do the above, you will have such clear and consistent access to your truth you'll never need to ask anyone else what to do or where to go next. You'll hear your voice and your truth above all of the hype, the media, your friends and family.

Before you know it your life will be better than anything you could have ever imagined. And you'll be right there with me -- whether in the U.S. or across the globe -- sitting wherever you like to sit with tears of joy streaming down your face as we both mouth the words "thank you."

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