02/17/2015 11:24 am ET Updated Apr 19, 2015

50 One-Word Resolutions for Life After Divorce


This year I wanted to jump on the bandwagon of the one-word New Year's resolution. According to this trend, we should all skip the elaborate New Year's resolutions and squeeze all our dreams and aspirations for the upcoming year into one concise word.

I'm a writer so picking one word shouldn't be all that difficult. I figured the right word would pop into my head, I'd write it on a Post-It and stick it on my computer so I would see it every day.

But New Year's came and went, and the right word never appeared. Days, weeks and now over a month passed as I collected an ongoing list of potential words. But none of them covered everything I want this year to be.

When my word list reached 50, I realized the meaning of my choices went beyond New Year's resolutions. These words describe the journey I've been on since my divorce. These words aren't just for a new year, but for a new me. The divorced me. The single me. The independent me working on a new life chapter.

Every word fits in the image I see of myself. Some words compliment each other, others contradict. But life is filled with compliments and contradictions, right? And as I continue on this path of self-discovery, I'll embrace these resolutions and see where they take me.

1. Moxie
2. Refresh
3. Renew
4. Reinvent
5. Release
6. Live
7. Awaken
8. Productivity
9. Listen
10. Direction
11. Momentum
12. Go
13. Discover
14. Peace
15. Breathe
16. Perspective
17. Fearless
18. Better
19. Calm
20. Whole
21. Adventure
22. Try
23. Believe
24. Work
25. Push
26. Ok
27. Solo
28. Together
29. Now
30. Patience
31. Heal
32. Acceptance
33. Wisdom
34. Smile
35. Unbroken
36. Strength
37. Confidence
38. Ask
39. Answer
40. Own
41. Inspiration
42. Pursue
43. Trust
44. Yes
45. Continue
46. Create
47. Optimism
48. Happiness
49. Be
50. Me