03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Crooked Climate

A couple of weeks ago mainstream news channels
started to run stories about a new generation of thieves who are forgoing the
usual dime store robberies in favor of stealing solar
. Green websites and magazines have been reporting this phenom for a
while now
and have even written articles
about protecting panels from these high-tech hungry burglars.  But, now the national
and international
press is catching on as more panels are swiped off of the rooftops of
businesses and homes alike.

Which begs the question -- why are common-street
crooks savvy enough to understand the immediate value of renewable energy but
so many of our Members of Congress are either unbelievably unaware or strangely
still pontificating about archaic energies of the past?   When two-bit thugs see the
economic advantage of stealing solar panels and Congress continues to drag
their feet on addressing climate change, (which includes subsidies on renewable
energy) -- you know partisanship has reached a new low.  Congress has got to regroup and get back to some
street-smarts and common sense.