09/13/2010 01:41 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Poor Reporting on Front Group's Shady Efforts

By Matt Howes

Originally posted on The MarkUp.

It's hard to think how a recent article in the Akron Beacon Journal could have left out any more relevant information. The Journal is a reputable paper, and so we were surprised by the article's flaws.

The article, entitled "Hundreds rally against taxes on oil and natural gas," has several key omissions including:

  • The article says that there were about 400 energy advocates, and that "Most arrived in four buses that delivered them from the Canton area. One arrived from Mount Vernon." What the article failed to mention, is that at least some of these buses were paid for by oil companies (or their front groups) and were filled with oil company staff. ThinkProgress has a great video clip about it here.

I'd encourage the Akron Beacon Journal to improve its reporting in the future.

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