01/23/2015 03:15 pm ET Updated Mar 25, 2015

What's Really Keeping You From Your Dream Career?

Have you ever thought about your "Dream Career"? The very special career or position that you feel everything in your life would have to go exactly right in order for you to achieve? Do you have that career already? Maybe you haven't had this thought in a long time? Maybe you've never had this thought? Maybe you're just glad to have a career? The Bureau Labor of Statistics says that most people will have at least 7 careers in their doesn't say how we've felt about those careers. It would be interesting to know how many of those careers we've really enjoyed? I've had 4 careers already; I really liked the career I had before this one-the one I have now is a "Dream Career". There are those of us that may think, "How did I get here? This is not the life I imagined", but time flies! One day you're in college and before you know it, your kids are in college. Maybe the job you took temporarily became permanent. Maybe something else kept you from getting your dream job. Things happen. Life happens. Times change and so do we. It doesn't mean you can't find your dream career. It requires a bit of inner soul searching to figure out what you would like that dream career to be. The idea of what was once "your dream career", may not still be the same. Once you focus on what you can take the world by storm. As you're thinking about what dream career you'd like to have, or how you could climb the ladder of success at your present job to bigger promotions and bonuses, and higher salaries-ask yourself these questions:

1.Do You Feel You Deserve Success? You may have a dream career in mind, but if you don't feel you deserve to achieve that dream, how will you gather the energy and motivation to push yourself forward? If you don't believe in yourself, how will you get others to believe in you? What is it that makes you feel you don't deserve to be successful? Is it that you believe you already receive too much? Do you feel you have enough skills, enough education, enough time to make your Dream Come True? If you feel you're much of these thoughts are real and how much of these thoughts are issues from your past, or perhaps fears or excuses? "Where there's a will, there's a way!"

2.Do You Think You're a Fraud? When you think about going out there and pursuing your dream career, do you think about how you'll need to shine a light on yourself? Are there things that you don't know or don't understand, but in the past may have said that you did-you fudged the truth. Maybe there are people that you've said that you know better than you actually do? Some of them you know really well-some you know less. In the world of Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook it can become perplexing as to how well we actually know "our friends". Do you feel you may not be as good as you say you are? Do you think you pump yourself up too much for the public eye? There's a difference between fraud and enhancement. In this world of social media, most people make themselves a bit fluffier than they really are; you can be fluffy without being Pinocchio. It's important that YOU hold yourself in your highest regard-that's the energy people will feel. If you don't believe in yourself, how will other people? If you don't feel this positive energy, ask yourself why.

3.Do You Have Patience? "All Good Things Come To Those That Wait". Remember that saying? If you don't know it, remember it now! This is not just any career you're pursuing; you're en route to your dream career. You may need additional skills or schooling, or there may be some psychological issues that you have to deal with-money issues for example. Perhaps deep down you fear that if you were to become successful you wouldn't know what to do with the money, so it's more "comfortable" to make less money? This may sound weird to some, but to others-it happens. If this is part of who you are-how will you ever be able to get to a point where you earn a large salary. Maybe your dream career doesn't include a large salary. Not everyone's dream career comes with a big dollar sign. There are different issues for everyone, and that requires patience. Some things happen fast and some things don't, that's the way it goes. We often focus on what isn't happening instead of what has happened. We tend to think about all we haven't done yet -- it can feel insurmountable. Try instead taking a look back and see what it is that you've already accomplished. You will be surprised and uplifted by the distance you've made. Applaud yourself for every bit of movement towards your dream that you've created. Take a moment here and there just to breathe.

If you believe you can achieve, if you wish to find your dream career, what are you waiting for? You don't have to leave your job today, you just have to start thinking, believing, having patience. These are a few of the ways to discover your dream career-it's a terrific beginning. If you're interested in knowing more, please check out my Life Coaching Matters website, to find more Empowering Tools To Find Your Dream Career and make more money than you ever believed possible.