09/10/2013 02:52 pm ET Updated Nov 06, 2013

Sharing a Back-to-School Poem

Every week I tend to write on online safety, security and privacy issues. This week, I am sharing a poem written by "jeglatter," a.k.a. Jennifer Glatter Nigam, and mother to Krishanu Nigam, our 8-year-old son. The poem speaks to the essence of what raising a child in the offline and online worlds is all about. And if done right, a child can grow empowered with the skills, experiences, and mind-set needed to tackle the world whether confronted by an intellectual challenge, a physical impediment or an online safety, security or privacy dilemma.

Back To School
by jeglatter

She gave him a notebook

And called the pages sacred

She asked him to place

A golden pen by his chest

Then she said,

"Dear Son,

Be open

To all that you may see here

But be sure

To write your own words

In this book with this pen

(Don't let another write your story

I want you to be free!)"

She kissed him on his forehead

And felt his unlocked goodness

She gave him one last hug

As she left him at the tree

She would wonder of the fruit

And she would pray

He'd find some shade there

She was leaving

A great part of her

To grow there by that tree.

So, this week, help a child grow as much as they help us grow every day.

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