08/03/2011 01:54 pm ET Updated Oct 03, 2011

The Bachelorette and Table for Two, Please

Did you watch this week's final episode of The Bachelorette? Ashley finally chose the bachelor she wants to spend the rest of her life with... and he chose her, too. Even though the season started back in May and finished in August, the actual events that took place happened over a mere six weeks or less. If we count the actual time spent with her now-fiancé, J.P., we might even say it happened in less than 48 hours or perhaps 24 hours. And wow, where did these life-long, you are my soul mate for life events take place -- in perfectly choreographed, exquisitely selected destinations like fancy restaurants, beaches, helicopters, nightclubs, resorts and skyscrapers around the world (just to name a few). And wow, the number of bachelors Ashley fell for in just the same short amount of time, who were perfect for her, ranged anywhere from six at a time to two, before she finally chose the one her sister didn't think was right for her in the real world.

So why are we talking about how quickly and where Ashley found her soul mate in a blog about the Internet? Many of us have been lulled into using the power of technology and its ability to connect us quickly to replace the power of true human interaction that develops into the true human bond over long periods of time. We text instead of calling, we email instead of visiting, we IM instead of dropping by and we order online instead of going to the mall with friends to stroll, chat and gossip. Ashley did something very similar when she used the perfect dates, the perfect scenery, the perfect food, the perfect beaches, the perfect hotels and hot tubs, and the perfect resorts in place of the slowly orchestrated music that comes from a courtship choreographed over time.

Isn't it time that we all power down, slow down, and breathe in the world around us -- the real world full of real people with real stories to be told and passed on to those who follow us?

Until next time, when you go online and read another article from me, enjoy some special time with someone special. Table for two, please.

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