04/10/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Admit It: Front-Runner Sarah Palin Has VASTLY Improved

We caught Sarah Palin on Fox News Sunday. She had a home court advantage, obviously (she works for FOX), but she has vastly improved a key weakness over the past 18 months--her one-on-one interview skills.

Questions that, previously, would have annoyed or stumped her, she now easily deflects and then uses to go on the attack (which she has always been good at). Every sentence is peppered with the buzzwords that send her fans into a tizzy--"conservative," "family," "country," "independent," "elitists," "heartland," "big government."

Her positioning vis-a-vis the campaign she is already running is perfect: Yes, of course she'll run for president--if it's the right thing for the country. (Much better to do it for the country than to appear to actually want to do it).

Sarah Palin has also been able to quickly put the whole quitting thing behind her. Now that she can handle being asked questions, it's not surprising she's already the Republican front-runner.

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