05/28/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Microsoft CEO Egg Thrower Should Spend Night in Jail (Then Apologize)

One of the most popular videos on the web these days (among business types) is the one of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer being forced to dive behind the podium to avoid thrown eggs while speaking at a university in Budapest. The video also follows the triumphant moron who threw the eggs as he was escorted out of the auditorium.

Two points:

First, all credit to Steve Ballmer, who somehow managed to turn the episode into a laugh line. Ballmer is not only a fearsome competitor. He is also a marvelously entertaining speaker, and he handled the egg-thrower perfectly.

Second, in what universe is this not criminal behavior? If you've been fortunate enough not to have been beaned with an egg of late, it's not a risk-free experience. Microsoft is so hated for its 1990s era competitive tactics (and, some would say, crappy software) that the Hungarian moron is no doubt being applauded in some circles as having given Ballmer his just desserts. The people against the powerful, freedom of expression, and all that.

Please. The egg-thrower is a criminal. He should, at the very least, spend the night in jail. Then he should be forced to apologize for his grotesquely inappropriate behavior. There's a place for protests against corporate policies, but this isn't it.