06/11/2013 06:49 pm ET Updated Aug 11, 2013

Why Not Break the Cycle, Barack?

A president, even the one of the USA, is nothing but a chosen leader of a body of people.

In a less democratic scenario, but still comparable, I'm the "President of my Home." However, if I had the suspicion, that my people would be planning bad things, I doubt that my reaction would be to fight them. Because they are my people. Everybody is. Well then, if not fight them, would I engage my gardener or housekeeper to spy on them? Or ask the neighbors to do so? No, because they are my people.

I agree that the situation for the president of the USA is a bit more complex. However, maybe it is time -- especially for someone who has been awarded a Peace Nobel Prize -- to say something like this:

Yes, the USA has an aggressive history and a tradition of solving conflicts and guarding one's life with weapons. We have brought war and destruction to many places on this planet for all kinds of reasons and pretending all kinds of justification. But just because that has been the business as usual and "how things have been done," doesn't mean we have to continue with it. All those military entities and secret services and what not do no longer need to justify their existence. Instead, it ends now.

We will now make peace, with everybody.

Because, after all, we are all really just one people. No matter where in the world. There are still dictatorships left in the world and areas where wars are taking place. But the USA under the leadership of this president is breaking this cycle because peace doesn't come from control, it comes from LOVE.

In my humble opinion, the freedom of speech and also the freedom to think whatever you want, is the highest good of civilization. And the increasing effort to spy on your own or other people (yeah right, this is not being used against U.S. Citizens -- sorry, not believing anymore), is just an attempt to get control over something that cannot and should not be controlled. What is next to be controlled and where does it end? Who determines what and who is going to be controlled and how can you ensure there's no abuse?

If in my home they had awarded me the Peace-Dude-Prize, I'd want to make sure I live up to it and not give in to politics (which are currently rotten, 2013), existing organizations and their need to justify their continued existence or fear-based behavior. Because that, and only that, would make me the LEADER that I have been chosen to be.

For the avoidance of doubt: I don't think that a whistleblower is a hero per se. Once you give your promise to not reveal certain secrets and work with "companies" such as the NSA or CIA and all those secretive services, you must know what you are in for and what the consequences are. If you have things to say that are not right in your organization, there must be ways to reach up the ladder. I simply don't believe in those stories of entire organizations being bad -- my truth is that if you complain long enough to the right people, they will hear you. If they really don't, you can still blow a whistle. And I say that in total ignorance of the actual circumstances of Edward Snowden. However, if he just wanted to do what's right, there's no reason to not face authorities.