10/12/2011 05:08 pm ET Updated Dec 11, 2011

The Top 10 Coolest College Classes

Calculus, biology, English ... Sure, these courses are necessary for getting through college and life. But what about a class designed around the iPhone and iPad? Colleges are catching up with what students need to make it after graduation, creating classes that take advancements in technology and social issues into consideration while providing an interactive learning experience. These classes are not only helpful, but they're fun - and everyone wants to take them.

In an article for Her Campus, Sarah Kahwash tells us the 10 coolest college classes across the country that collegiettes™ will not want to miss before graduation!

So, collegiettes™, you've already scoured your own university's course catalog, and of course you've read Her Campus's article on crazy classes nationwide. Now it's time to take the wackiness thermostat down a notch -- we've compiled a list of the coolest college classes out there. Enroll in any of the ten courses on this list and you'll not only fulfill credits and learn new things, but you'll really apply what you've learned to hands-on projects, too. Whether that means publishing your own magazine or replacing your professor with the next Andy Warhol, here's a look at the real deal.

1. "Choral Singing and South Africa" - Williams College
Williams is one of several colleges that incorporate a month-long term between semesters, called "Winter Study." After two weeks of on-campus preparation, Williams students enrolled in this cultural music class will head over to South Africa to put what they've learned into practice. As the course description casually phrases it, students will perform "for and with Sinikithemba, a Durban choir-affiliated with a local hospital in which all members are HIV-positive. We also intend to perform with and for a choir of inmates at Polsmoor prison in Cape Town." Definitely beats singing "Waka Waka" from the confines of your dorm room.

2. "Magazine Editing and Publishing" - Boston College
For collegiettes™ who want to get some publishing experience but don't have time for an internship, this Boston College class provides similar experiences during the academic year. BC '11 grad Allison Lantero took the class during a previous semester and had a fabulous experience: "We had to come up with a concept for a magazine, write a business proposal, a mission statement, make a layout, write articles, and the final project was to actually make three copies of our magazine," she said. And while this sounds like an intimidating workload, Allison assures us, "it was a very good introduction into the magazine world."

3. "Designing an Environment for Design" - University of Notre Dame
Ever feel like what you're studying is pointless? What if your classmates were to walk around in it? According to the University of Notre Dame's course description, a handful of top design students will be chosen this year to "gather and process data and considered needs in order to produce a detailed proposal for a cross-disciplinary research environment" -- that the school actually plans to build! After being carefully planned out by Notre Dame students themselves, this research environment will be set up in the Stinson-Remick Engineering Building on the university's campus.

4. "iPhone and iPad Application Programming" - Stanford University
Stanford's Computer Science department received acclamation for this class when it was listed as in's "Best Entrepreneurship Classes in America" in 2010. Stanford took the hint and has continued to offer "iPhone and iPad Application Programming" regularly, but the story doesn't end there. Students can also choose classes like "Stanford Laptop Orchestra," "Android Programming" and "General Game Playing," for which students "create GGP systems to compete with each other and in external competitions." So while their boyfriends may brag about winning Haloevery time, Stanford collegiettes™ can program the next version instead. LOL.

5. "Collaborative Composition in London" - Vanderbilt University
When Vanderbilt's Music department titled this course "collaborative," they weren't kidding. A "workshop between student composers and performers, with faculty mentorship" already sounds better than your typical lecture. Now throw in a Spring Break trip to the Royal Academy of Music in London, plus a week with RAM students at Vanderbilt, and you've got a recipe for one truly exceptional experience.

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