10/10/2013 05:18 pm ET Updated Dec 10, 2013

Bishop Arthur Brazier Avenue?

It was announced by Mayor Rahm Emanuel a couple of weeks ago that Stony Island Avenue would be changed to Bishop Arthur Brazier Avenue. The Avenue would be from 56th Street to 103rd Street. Protest has occurred. None of which has to do with Bishop Brazier himself. I wrote a blog, September 14, supporting the idea and championed the cause. I received numerous calls and my blog became a part of the public discussion.

There were objections to the street naming. Some thought not Stony Island but rather 63rd Street should bear Brazier's name. Some of the reasons included, the church was not located on Stony Island to he did not live on Stony Island and Stony Island was too much of a landmark south side street for the name change honor. My answer was he did not have to live on Stony Island or have the church on Stony, but that the major street was appropriate.

Maggie Daley did not live or work in Millennium Park where $50 million construction is underway for a park of flowers and trees. Stony Island is appropriate for Brazier as Millennium Park is appropriate for Maggie Daley. New ideas have come forth for a city monument to bear Brazier's name, to include I57 Highway, 63rd Street, Midway Plaza, Dorchester and even Cottage Grove. Another primary objection of the street naming has come from the business community. Many of the small business people suggest that it would cost $3,000 to $5,000 to change corporate stationary, web sites, business cards, public addresses and the like. The business people claim this is too expensive at this time and an unnecessary expense.