11/05/2012 05:15 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

God Voted

Sometimes you wonder, what the hell happened and why. And so it is with Super Storm Sandy that took over the east coast, shutting America's number one city down -- New York, N.Y.

Who could have imagined Sandy flooding New York, shutting down the subway, closing Wall Street for the second time in history? The beautiful homes sitting by the water in Jersey burned to the ground. The timing of Sandy is curious, a week before election. The timing of America's worse storm is absolutely amazing. New York's Katrina came and went swiftly, leaving total devastation in its wake, looking like a horror movie. Old trees uprooted. Cars becoming boats. Broadway lights out. How much can one city take? Why?

God has his way in his very own time and sometimes he roars with Mother Nature for the purpose of clarity of force and power with the unknown that he dares you to question or challenge. It is the hope and faith that clergy claim.

The 2012 presidential election changed. The storm spoke loudly. Perhaps, the tie vote, untied. The water flooded the dead heat. The presidential conversation became mute. The president stepped up, as commander in chief. He didn't look presidential, he was presidential. He visited the shores of New Jersey and Governor Christopher Christie, the staunch Republican, became complimentary. The man he called the Chicago ward boss came to the rescue just like a Chicago ward boss and he was welcomed. The politics vanished. The mayor of New York said, don't come to our city, Mr. President, and the next day Mayor Bloomberg endorsed President Obama.

God speaks and I think he voted. I don't know who he voted for, but I think he was an early voter. Enough politics. Time to shut it down. The politics is out of control. The 2012 race goes down in history as the most expensive, the dirtiest and probably the closest. Enough already.

The people count. The nurses and medical staff who delivered their patients to safety when the generators went out are the important ones. The people who ride the subway to work are the ones to be addressed. The firemen and the policemen who live in the community to experience tragedy again are the heroes, once again, as they rise to the tragic emergency occasion with on the spot leadership.

Got voted. We need to listen.