11/07/2012 12:12 pm ET Updated Jan 07, 2013

He Won

President Barack Obama won. He ran a brilliant campaign. He made history again, part II, by winning. The night was predicted as long. The democratic victory was declared by 11 p.m. It wasn't so long. There was a roar in McCormick Place. 2012 however, was very different than 2008. The romance was over, the reality had set in.

The Obama team is the master of America's new politic. It is Harold Washington's coalition politics. It is Jesse Jackson's rainbow coalition. The Republicans are the politicians of yesterday. America has changed; Republicans have not changed with it. There is more to American than the white haired white male. The Romney Republican Party totally ignored minorities and insulted women. His message never resonated in spite of his business brilliance.

America has changed. Obama reflects it. His messages were focused. The new politic is inclusive. It includes gay people.

African Americans and Hispanics voted in record number. People waited in line for hours all over the country to vote. People were patient. In the stormed areas on the East Coast, people voted with flashlights. Black people were angry over the attempt to suppress their vote. Been there, done that, never again. We remember. The Hispanics are serious about immigration. It is their American Dream. Women are not raped to give birth.

The 2012 campaign was hostile; it was like the Republicans were engaging in a hostile country take over. Obama was steady his course. He kept coming up with a new defined politic. Michelle Obama rose beyond the occasion. Vice President Biden truly is the "happy warrior " and delighted in the political challenge, as he took no prisoners. And President Bill Clinton, well's lets just call him the master. 2012 was one the most expensive campaigns ever. Billions of dollars were spent to get the vote. People politics won.

The campaign forced President Barrack Obama to leave the installation of the White House. He did what he does best. He mingled with the people. He heard the people up close and personal. Community organizing methodologies paid off. The ground team was awesome and they put it in the ballot. The challenge now is to move forward with a bipartisan political agenda for what is best for America.

Obama will be a better president having come out of a close and challenging race. He won humbly with a 50 percent margin. In his acceptance speech he said the "best is yet to come"

Bring it Mr. President. Bravo to the Obama team for a job well done. God Bless America. The people have spoken. The long campaign is over.