06/11/2013 03:03 pm ET Updated Aug 10, 2013

Is Photo Journalism Becoming a Lost Art?

Is photojournalism becoming a lost art? Newspapers, as in the Chicago Sun Times, are beginning to let full time photojournalism staffers go and use freelancers. This is yet another casualty of digital media. The new "goggle" image is easier and cheaper to obtain. The photographers at the Sun Times were the best.

Photojournalism is a world unto itself. Photographers are sent out on stories and nobody knows what the camera will see and bring back. Images are captured in real time. That's the beauty of the photo. The photographer is professionally trained with an eye for the image, the light, the situation. Sometimes, just sometimes an untrained eye can do the same. But there is nothing like a professional "eye." The professional image will never replace the iPhone instant image.

Some of the images in this gallery are random photos representing photojournalism. The professional image tells a story. Enjoy some of the stories in my one woman tribute.