01/17/2013 03:10 pm ET Updated Mar 19, 2013

Social Entrepreneurs at Annual Meeting

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting takes place in a few days, and again the Social Entrepreneurs will be a major part of it. At the beginning of each year, Davos becomes a true global village assembling business, political, intellectual and civil society leaders to define the priorities on the global agenda and possibly look for solutions.

The participation of Social Entrepreneurs ensures that the interaction in Davos is confronted with the realities on the ground. Social Entrepreneurs, together with Young Global Leaders and Global Shapers, demonstrate that to address environmental disasters, improve education and health standards, and eradicate poverty, we need entrepreneurial solutions. Governmental plans and actions have to be complemented by innovative ideas taking into account local conditions.

The Forum's mission statement is, "improving the state of the world" and Social Entrepreneurs who are living this mission on a daily basis bring to the Forum the passion, vision and experience so much needed in a world which becomes ever more cynical.

My wish is that your spirit of social commitment penetrates the Annual Meeting in Davos and that everybody is engaged to make the world a social enterprise.

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