03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

What Do You Hold On to for Security?

few weeks back I was in a weekend workshop with some incredible people. Over
lunch one of the men that was sitting at the table began to talk about Bernie Maddoff and how
he has a "big one" coming to him. All of us sat there and
watched how upset he was around this situation and he didn't even loose any
money with him. We all agreed that it was a horrible situation and felt for
those that were taken advantage of. Then my friend Mel who works as a coach
said, "Well what do you think is at the core of your anger?" He
looked at her like she had horns in her head and said,  "Are you nuts
that guy totally took advantage of people and wrecked their lives." (I don't
think anyone has ever asked him what is under the surface before). 

She shared with the group that is about security and what we believe to be safe
that is being challenged here. At that point I was inspired and a new world
opened up for me. We all are holding onto something to feel secure consciously
and unconsciously -- money, health, marriage, education, businesses, beauty,
youth, etc...  Questions began to swirl in my mind knowing she was totally
onto something deep here. What was I holding to in my life to be safe? What was
the one thing that if it was not there what would happen? What do I count on
every day I wake up and go to sleep at night?

We all went around the table talking about this and I was still in this place of
seeing how our world is shifting paradigms. I asked Mel what was her security
and she said, "I count on my health, I have been healthy all of my life
and if I didn't have it that would be scary." Another friend said, 
"My husband and someone else said, "My marriage." We are living
in a magical time that's also pretty painful for many people as jobs are lost
while new businesses are created. What we thought would be around
"forever" is fading away faster than ever as each day passes. We are
seeing financial paradigms collapse, newspapers and magazines collapse, and a
health system crumble into pieces. And we are all faced with a choice to see it
as a problem or opportunity. I tend to choose opportunity even if it’s
uncomfortable. (And that will inform there is growth happening if you choose

After a week of contemplating and talking about this I realized that we really
couldn’t count on anything outside ourselves that will last forever. I began to
see how I have tricked myself to believe in the structures I have created and
all for my own comfort or safety. In my yoga practice and meditation practice
my focus was intensified on my breath. There was a time I was not able to do
yoga and it scared me and then it changed. I learned I could count on me and my
breath for as long as it lasted and use this as my practice to enjoy life even
more for the short time I am here. I see for myself that everything is changing
and as I have learned in my own spiritual practice is that the form changes but
the actions stay the same. We are all made of energy and as paradigms are built
they will also fade away and new ones will arise. (Take time to honor yourself
and journal your connection to yourself)

What I have come to understand and it is just the tip of the iceberg here is that we
are all left with the essence that each of us are that existed before we were
born that never dies. This fire inside of us is what keeps us moving, breathing
and alive. We can count on that for as long as it lasts and turn to it with
gratitude.  This takes being responsible in new ways that we may never
have been met with and from his a new paradigm is being born. I invite you to
step into a new space and uncover what you believe is secure and then see how
you have created those relationships, situations and even bank accounts to
insure a life that will look very different from the one you see in your mind.

I have found that with every moment there
is a great opportunity to love more, laugh more
and deepen in your own heart  which in turn assists you to give and be even more beneficial on this
amazing planet for as long as you are here to dance.(this is the ultimate that we have no control of that may be behind what you are holding onto to feel safe)

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