04/30/2015 06:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Looking for Cheap Flights for Memorial Day? Book By Cinco de Mayo. The End.

Memorial Day is a holiday of sizzling burgers, icy cold drinks and the warm-but-not-scorching sun giving you some pre-summer color. With this in mind, you think, "I should totally go away for the weekend!" Chances are though, you have yet to put your grey matter into organizing a trip. Here's the motivation, courtesy of Hipmunk.

Finalizing your plans by Cinco De Mayo will save you up to 92 percent on your flights according to our 2014 flight data. On average, Las Vegas latecomers spent nearly $300 dollars more on tickets than the early bird bookers. Forget the worm, you'll keep the cash if you speed up your planning and book by Cinco.

And don't forget, your departure date can make a big difference on the bottom line as well. Saturday flyers spent an average of $331 on their flights while those who took off on Friday and Thursday spent an average of $369 and $409, respectively. You'll also be skipping the airport crowds of Friday and Thursday, the most popular days to head out by waiting until Saturday.

So, if getting out of town is on your agenda don't delay or you'll miss the fiesta!