04/06/2015 05:09 pm ET Updated Jun 06, 2015

What's Cheap, Plugged in and Always Looking for Pleasure?

Hipmunk surveyed over 1,400 participants about their lifestyle, personal preferences and travel habits to tackle the problems that arise in the trip planning lifecycle. With over 75% of our employees hailing from the Millennial age range, Hipmunk shares their love for painless, efficient travel and if it's holiday themed, all the better.

Amongst other things important to us both, is the availability of free Wi-Fi. How else can you connect with the world and let them know about your hiking/backpacking/city exploring that you've been doing? Almost 43% of our Millennial pollsters cited this as their favorite amenity in their hotels...sorry warmed cookies and free toiletries, you lose.

For 50% of Millennials surveyed, the ability to stay synced with their technology is the primary determining factor in selecting a hotel, with 39% tapping the ability to check in via smartphone as their #1. Three cheers for privacy and avoiding human contact? Too controversial?

This preference for privacy isn't simply limited to where we turn in for the night. On flights, 64% of our Millennials would rather sit next to a silent stranger than engage with their armrest companion as opposed to an almost 50:50 split for Gen Xers. They however, choose to snub social media relations with only 37% of those polled willing to tweet and comment at their flightmates as opposed to the 50% of millennials who are ready to stumbleupon, snapchat or blog at their airborne audience. Connecting with people in real life means you can't just unplug them when you want out. #strangerdanger

Along with inflight social media, Hipmunk proposed some other potential flight features and the results definitely showed a common trend. Millennials will happily take advantage of amenities when they are free. If it saves them money to abandon the add-ons, sign them up. 52% of Millennials would take less legroom and 32% would even stand for the flight if they could save a Benjamin or two. In the accommodation world, 90% would take a room without a view and 80% would opt of a cleaning service, toiletries and then some to save.

Millennials are likely to travel and travel often with 98.8% of those surveyed planning to take at least 1 trip this year, 42% of which will be for 3 or more trips. With such a high desire to experience more of the world, it only makes sense that Millennials pinch their pennies when they can to journey farther and more frequently than their more senior compatriots. That is of course, unless it comes to spiking the eggnog and spinning the remix of Frosty the Snowman while they travel home for the holidays; 83% would happily splurge on that.

How do you stack up with the other millennials? Check it out on our blog!