02/28/2012 07:34 am ET Updated Apr 29, 2012

10 Ancient Cities To Visit (PHOTOS)

From the iconic and well-trodden to the hidden and forgotten, and everything in between, the world is packed full of astounding ancient cities that have survived through the ages. In fact, trying to select the best of these sites can seem like an impossible task.

At Historvius HQ, the debate has been raging as to which cities should make the grade and, after much discussion, we finally managed to come up with our own 'ten of the best' selection. Throwing a bone to some disgruntled colleagues, in each case we've also included another ancient city that came a close second to our eventual pick.

Want to have your say? If you're keen to take up the challenge you can add your own slides to this selection as well as voting for your favorites. If you need a little inspiration, you'll find a longer list of choices (if not quite comprehensive) at our ancient cities of the world page.

Ten of the Best: Ancient Cities