HuffPost Review: Weeds , Season Five Premiere - The Goddess of Ganja Returns!

Every Weeds episode has at least one 420 Moment.
07/10/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

(Warning: This review contains spoilers!)

When we last caught up with everyone's favorite dealerista, Nancy Botwin, she was in some very hot water after being found out as a DEA informant by Mexican drug lord and Mayor of Tijuana Esteban. By showing Esteban a sonogram photo of her unborn child -- his son -- she managed to save herself. Not so the two unlucky guards in the room, who are shot dead merely for hearing about the love child.

Meanwhile, Celia, who had gone to Mexico to find daughter Quinn (shipped off to boarding school during the first season) has been kidnapped by Quinn and her boyfriend Rudolfo. Rudolfo goes through every number on Celia's cellphone to find someone who will pay ransom and can't find one person who'll step up. Isabelle and her dad are playing a round of gin rummy when he gets the call and dismisses it: "Listen, I'm broke and she's my ex -- do what you gotta do."

Every Weeds episode has at least one 420 Moment (stoners will get the reference; everyone else, google it). This week's 420 Moment takes place while Silas, Doug, and Andy are making grandiose plans for growing fields of wacky terbacky themselves, possibly in a national park, thereby sidestepping having to buy it from a provider. Nancy walks in during their scheme as they're in the middle of deciding who gets her room if she doesn't return.

The upshot is that our heroine is wiped out, frightened, pregnant and her life is in complete shambles. Selling bags of weed at Shane's soccer games seems very far away now, almost innocent. As Nancy tries to process the not-surprising revelation that Andy thinks he is in love with her, Shane's at school selling pot to his classmates in the library. And getting caught by one of his teachers, who blackmails him for a couple of bags to offset the depression caused by grading papers about Anne Frank.

Like mother like daughter; now Quinn's the one without a heart or a soul. While the plan to find someone who will pay big bucks for Celia's life backfires, she decides that she'll harvest her mom's organs until Rudolfo points out that, since she's had cancer, the organs won't sell. Quinn starts beating up her mother in frustration and Rudolfo throws her out of his house and his life. For now.

Nancy decides things are getting too scary with Mexican drug lords watching her every move and ships off the boys to her sister's place in Oakland. Andy's not talking to her since she threw a loaf of his banana bread in frustration. Doug shrugs and exits stage left. She's home alone in her big living room. All the boys -- and they are, indeed, all boys, even though two of them are technically men -- are gone. At the mall, she experiences a moment of levity, forgetting about all the drama of real life as a flash mob executes a group dance. But it's short-lived since Esteban's henchman has her in his sights. We've got quite a season ahead in Jenji Kohan's twisted, wacky world and I'll be covering the show weekly right here.

Weeds airs on Showtime Monday nights at 10PM.