08/07/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Weeds , Episode 5 Recap

(Warning: This review contains spoilers!)

If you'll recall, last week Nancy Botwin's world began to show marked signs of wear and tear. She was seemingly adrift in the crazy world that she herself created back when she first started transacting the evil weed. This episode starts with more of same, only crazier. And ends with a major decision on Nancy's part to take back control. Sort of...

Alanis Morissette makes a guest appearance as Nancy's doctor, observing that she hasn't seen Nancy in some time, little knowing that Nancy's been two-timing her with a Mexican obstetrician. Our Miss Botwin wonders aloud if it's too late for an abortion. Dr. Alanis, not batting an eye, says no, it's not too late. To Nancy's complaints that she's overly sensitive to smell, she suggests surrounding herself with flowers and herbs.

Meanwhile, young Shane is in the backyard with the devilish Isabelle Hodes, cursing his English teacher who ripped him off for $4K of pot. Ignacio joins the fun and asks what he's going to do about it. Next thing ya know, Shane (with pistol) and Isabelle bust in the door of Mr. Sandusky's sad single-guy pad, where he's jamming on the theremin. But they're not alone, they're accompanied by Ignacio, who delivers a sucker punch to the kidneys. Isabelle collects the pot and, egged on by Ignacio, starts indiscriminately taking other stuff as well, including the theremin. Ignacio tells Shane to shoot the teacher in the leg but he misunderstands and kills Sandusky's pet bird instead.

Back at the Botwin Ranch, Nancy and Andy walk up to the house carrying vast quantities of herbs to plant. Both are carrying on their own conversations, completely self absorbed in their own worlds. Andy, who thinks Nancy should get rid of the baby, tells her that the child has a one in five chance of being autistic. "What do you think of coriander?" she replies dreamily. Even though neither one of them is high, this is what I'm calling the week's 420 Moment. YMMV.

Silas and Doug are off testing pot in their new medical marijuana store prior to opening to the public, accompanied by their police captain business partner, who helpfully hooks them up with a source for vast quantities of cannabis to sell. Doug, of course, sandbags that deal quickly enough by pissing off the source and they barely escape with their lives. Silas is completely fed up with Doug's shenanigans at this point. They have a fight and hurl insults at each other, but it's the kind of fight teenage boys would have, since Doug is, for all intents and purposes, frozen in time at the age of 16. And Silas is, after all, still a teenage boy. What with the Silas-Doug interaction and Shane pulling a gun on his teacher, I'm noticing suddenly that the adults on this show act like kids for the most part, and the kids act like adults.

Celia, as it happens, has been hiding in Nancy's garage all this time, and is discovered by Nancy in her herb gardening phase. Though Celia begs for mercy, Nancy coldly tells her she has two days and to keep out of sight. Lucky for Celia, though not for Sucio, she finds his dead body in the cooler in the garage. Nancy calls Esteban to have his goons remove the body. When they bring the acid to dissolve Sucio's body, Celia realizes she has the upper hand and swans into the house to inform Nancy of this. She's not leaving, like it or lump it.

Andy's following Judah's money trail and to that end goes out on a date with Margaret AKA Mags, the bank teller who had a crush on his brother. Playing by her rules, he pretends to be Judah. They're at a fondue place where Judah used to take her in the 80's when they were dating. She's dolled up like Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink and looking rather ridiculous. "Fondue!" says Andy. "I happen to love dipping things into other things." Their date ends the way she'd always hoped it would end with Judah; ferocious anal sex by the ocean, near a gang of homeless guys, who in her reverie she doesn't even see. But Andy does, and to keep himself going he repeats, "Copenhagen, Copenhagen." This is where he's thinking of escaping with Nancy once he gets the money from Judah's bank account.

When Nancy hears about the escapade with Mr. Sandusky, she marches Shane over to the teacher's house and returns all the stolen goods. They also bring an iguana as a gift to replace his dead pet. Shane tonelessly recites an apology speech. Mr. Sandusky sneers and suddenly Mrs. Botwin turns into Druglord Mom; she pins him down with a baseball bat and tells him to stop using his position to steal from kids.

Everything's all messed up. Andy knows it. Nancy knows it. Andy tells her he has the money and they can now escape this life. It's time for him to save her. They can add sleeping pills to Ignacio's smoothie and be far away by tomorrow night. She seems to be in cahoots with his plan. He starts packing. She writes a note. In the mellow Southern California morning sunshine Andy finds the note, and it's to him.

Nancy's given up and, Shane in tow, shows up on Esteban's doorstep. It's time to eschew the illusion of control. She's ready to let herself be taken care of. For now.

Weeds airs on Showtime Monday nights at 10PM.