02/15/2013 07:08 pm ET Updated Apr 17, 2013

Getting My First Job

There are many things in life that can be attributed to luck. Winning the lottery, acing a test that you did not study for, being born into a wealthy family, winning tickets to a concert and so many other things that happen to anyone on a daily basis.

I myself have been lucky several times throughout my life. Once I found 50 dollars walking home from a friend's house; another time I won tickets to a concert in Los Angeles through calling into a radio station and another time I was randomly chosen from names in a hat to play the Virgin Mary in the annual Christmas concert in the eighth grade. However, the one instance when I was not lucky, nor could my circumstances be attributed to luck, was being hired for my first full-time job.

I was hired at my first job on May 18, 2012, graduated from Cabrini College with a degree in communication on May 20, 2012 and I began my career (that still sounds weird to me!) as a Marketing Coordinator on May 23, 2012. Was I fortunate to find a job so quickly? Yes. Was I lucky to find my job? Absolutely not.

I began my job search in February, about three months before graduating, and I applied to well over 150 positions. Of those 150 sent applications, I had four interviews and three offers. To say the least, I was elated. I turned down the first two offers in the hopes that I would get offered the position I am in now, and thankfully, my intuition paid off, the interview went as well as I thought it did and I have been happily employed for about seven months now.

While the process was extremely stressful, even infuriating at times, I never gave up my job search. I was persistent, dedicated, hard working and relentless. I sent follow-ups, thank you notes, thank you emails and every other thing you are supposed to do when applying to jobs and post interview, and all of my hard work paid off.

People are constantly telling me how lucky I am that I have a job, a good one nonetheless, and how thankful I should be. First things first, I am extremely thankful beyond what words could express and secondly I am not lucky. Throughout my four years at Cabrini College, I did everything in my power to ensure employment after college. I held five internships throughout my four years; I was an editor on the school paper, Loquitur; I was Webmaster for the radio station's website, WYBF; I was a news anchor, sports anchor and graphics coordinator for the weekly webcast program, LOQation and I served as a head copy writer, reporter, video producer and video editor on my senior capstone project for the website, which was a 2012 Pinnacle Award Winner for Best Multimedia Feature Presentation.

Needless to say, I was extremely busy. I worked extremely hard academically, and I even held three part-time jobs at one point during my time at Cabrini. I think at one point I bordered the line of exhaustion, but believe it or not, I still had a social life.

When I hear someone tell me how lucky I am, it makes me cringe and takes all of my strength to manage a smile and just nod my head politely, because inside I am screaming at them "No I am not lucky, I worked my behind off to be where I am today."

Luck can be attributed to many things in life, but where you are in your career, at least for me, there is no such thing as luck. I believe in hard work, dedication and pushing yourself to your limits for something that you are passionate about and love. I go to work everyday loving what I do, and I couldn't ask for anything more.

To those still in college, my advice to you would be pick up an extra class or get involved in an extra activity. Interning is the best thing you can do to help ensure employment after graduation, it cannot hurt you it can only help.

Don't fear losing a social life, because as long as you budget your time wisely, you can still have all the fun you want. Prioritize, and realize what is important to you, because even though I only graduated seven months ago, I don't wish for a second that I did anything differently.

You are lucky you are in college, you are lucky that you can have fun, you are lucky you can intern but don't depend on luck to ensure a successful future. When it comes to being successful depend on your hard work and dedication and with that, success will only follow.