07/28/2011 11:57 am ET Updated Sep 26, 2011

My Mind Is Set?

One of the affirmations for this month's intenSati class is "My mind is set." We say it while we run in place and criss cross our arms in front of us. I have been skipping straight through this affirmation and movement... completely forgetting it and leaving it out. Some days students in my class call me out on it, and other days I realize once we're doing punches of desire that something is missing. I always tell my students that if there's an affirmation they struggle with saying, don't like saying, can't say, etc, that they should take a look at that. Where is the disconnect? WHY can't they say the affirmation?

So now it's my turn to take a look. For the past few weeks, I have literally forgotten this affirmation in my class. My mind is set. My mind is set... Well, yeah, I will admit... my mind has NOT been set. I have been struggling with focus. I have not known what to focus on. I love writing about many topics, I love coaching on relationship and dating issues, I love teaching intenSati, I love doing healing work and teaching healing classes. And I have been feeling A LOT of pressure to make a choice to focus on just doing one in order to make a living. So my body literally would not let me say "my mind is set," because it has a strong aversion to that statement. It doesn't believe it. It rejected the affirmation.

But then it hit me -- maybe my mind IS set! It's set on being limitless! Who said that being focused and having my mind set means that everything needs to fit into a one little box? Who says it has to look a certain way? I just have to choose a different way of looking at it. I AM focused -- I'm focused on bringing and sharing well-being. That is my focus. And now that I've declared that, it opens the way for the different ways in which I do that. My focus doesn't have to be picking one tool -- writing, teaching, healing, coaching - because those are all tools which support me in my focus, which is sharing, inspiring, and empowering well-being.

Where are you struggling with lack of focus in your own life? How can you turn it around and look at it differently, realizing that, in fact, your mind IS very much set? How can you zoom out and see the bigger picture? Maybe, like me, your mind actually IS set, you're just too limited to see it!

We keep ourselves confined when we try to fit into neat little boxes. Being in a box, while it may feel safe, doesn't allow us to grow. And the whole point of our lives is to grow, to expand. Our opportunities are limitless if we allow ourselves to step out of our self-imposed little box.