01/20/2011 06:00 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Using These Tough Times to Our Advantage

I had a book idea in mind for years. I just never got around to writing it. I was too busy with studying, then I was too busy with my job, then I was too busy building my healing business, sometimes I was too busy being lazy or depressed. I just didn't have the time. But then, all of a sudden, time cleared for me as a result of my business slowing down and my realization that that wasn't what I wanted to put my focus on anymore. This seems to be happening with a lot of people right now... time is opening up for them. Because of the economic situation, many are losing jobs, or have lost jobs, or their own businesses are slowing down or closing. But see this doesn't have to be a bad thing. Maybe there is something that you have felt in your gut that you should be doing... maybe there is something deep inside of you yearning to be done! And now is the time!

For me, it was writing my book. But I wouldn't have done it when I put my priority just on making money. My perception was that writing a book wouldn't bring money, but working hard at something that I didn't like and that didn't flow well would... that taking the time writing my passion wouldn't bring me the financial freedom and stability I desire, but that taking the time tirelessly toiling and struggling at jobs that didn't feel good would. Two very good friends of mine lost their jobs on Jan. 2 without even a two-week notice (really nice huh!? I won't even start on that right now...). This has turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to them. One of them is starting a business he has been wanting to start for 5 years but just didn't because he could never give up the financial stability of his 50 hour a week job. The other one gave up acting years ago in favor of stability, yet has been miserable without it. She has now jumped right back into it, and while may not be making immediate money, is happier than ever, because she is following her heart.

Times, we know, are tough. But we have the power to use these times to our advantage. To return to our true, authentic self. To reinvent ourselves to be the person that we really are, the person that we really want to be. To actually follow our hearts and our passions instead of our paychecks and what society has laid out to be the plan. Yes, financial abundance is good! And who's to say that by following your passion and your gut, you won't get that financial freedom? That is a bogus belief. It is a belief ingrained in our heads by society. But it is only true if you believe it to be true. We can absolutely live in financial abundance by following our passion, our intuition, our gut.

Writing my book over the past few months has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. To wake up every morning knowing that I am writing something that will help women learn how to make different dating choices so that they don't have to live in so much constant pain, turmoil, and chaos... feels good. To know that I am doing something which will make a difference, feels good. And right now, there isn't much else for us to do than to choose to feel good. When we feel so much about life right now is out of our control, all we have is our choice. So, make that choice to feel good. Use this time to do what you always wanted to but never had the time to. And watch the abundance of happiness, wealth, satisfaction, or whatever other kind of abundance you want, follow and come into your life.