08/19/2013 02:42 pm ET Updated Oct 19, 2013

5 Rules for Proper Yoga Class Etiquette

(Inspired by the lady next to me in vinyasa flow class this morning.)

In addition to the (hopefully) givens of yoga class etiquette (such as don't come if you're sick and cough and sneeze all over me), please note the following:

1. My mat is not an extension of your mat. Please keep your hands, arms, shoulders, legs and sweaty feet in your dance space.

2. Ujjayi breathing does not mean breathe like you're snoring. Ujjayi breath is the whole foundation of your yoga practice, so if it has never been properly taught to you, please ask your instructor.

3. You are not weight lifting, you are doing handstands. Please don't make the same noises a weightlifter makes while you're going into (and falling out of) your handstand. This etiquette pertains to all yoga poses.

4. When it's getting close to the end of class and it is time to stretch, please do not decide that in lieu of stretching you'd like to do arm balances that cause you to flop all over and fall on your neighbors who are in pigeon pose.

5. Savasana is not the time to release continuous and ongoing amounts of loud sighs and strange moans. Can't you hear that everyone else is quiet? Oh wait, no you can't... not over your groaning.

Thank you. Namaste.

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