10/11/2012 08:11 am ET Updated Dec 11, 2012

What To Say (Or Not To Say) To Someone With Breast Cancer

Because I'm seeing so much pink this month, I find myself thinking about all things related to FBC (f-bomb breast cancer), both from a personal and a global perspective. It's amazing how a few (million) pink ribbons reactivate the memory of experiences (and f-bombs!).

One of the things that comes to mind is:

What to say or (WTF) not to say to someone with FBC.

Here's the thing: It's hard to be a friend to someone who has FBC. It just is. I know. I really do. I can't tell you the number of times people have asked me: What can I do? How should I be? What should I say?

Breast cancer is a pickle (understatement of the year!) all the way around. People mean well, but when some things are said, they aren't received quite as well as intended. So, I thought I'd share some things that were said to me when I was sick that felt a little, well, cloudy... and offer a more Silver Lined way to respond.

My intention with these suggestions is to acknowledge how breast cancer patients feel when (well-intended) things are said and to offer positive Silver Lined ways to interact with people who are coping with the dreaded disease.

Clouds And Silver Linings During Breast Cancer

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