08/15/2014 03:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Transitional Dominates As Summer Design Trend

Contribution by Andrea Davis

Summer is the perfect time to do some serious maintenance on your home, but how do you choose your renovation style? This summer, HomeAdvisor conducted a survey across the United States to see what homeowners were doing to their homes, and we uncovered the design trend sweeping homes is transitional.

Defining the Trending Style
Transitional style is a midway point between traditional and contemporary that brings together the best of both themes and allows rooms in the home to flow together. Why not design a room in this style and follow the summer trend?

Elements of Transitional Style

  • Traditional and contemporary designs blended together
  • Classics that have been updated to fit the modern world (ex. old appliances with new technology)
  • Traditional items, like wood tables or chairs, mixed with chrome products or finishes
  • Few decorations or accessories so the room is all about simplicity and focus on the style
  • Easy flow for quick navigation and space, like dining and kitchens melded one room or living and dining rooms as one.

Transitional Rooms to Inspire
Transitional Basement by Coast to Coast Painting in North Carolina

Transform your basement into a homey, sleek room with a pool table and bar area for entertaining friends and family during the holidays. Everything flows smoothly between the bar space and game area, with a living area for chatting and relaxing in between rounds.

Transitional Bathroom by Bath Xpert in Des Plaines, IL

Your bathroom should be spacious and open, so what better way to imbue the transitional style than with a walk-in shower and standing sink close to one another? It leaves plenty of floor space for easy access to the door and toilet area, and it's simple to hang a curtain that pulls away or a glass shower door to make the bathroom appear more spacious.

Transitional Bedroom by Tomahawk Construction in Denville, NJ

This bedroom has a roomy floor plan, with the bed flanked on either side with end tables and a rug to complement the headboard and other wooden furniture in the room. Since it's a master bedroom, the design allows for two people to easily navigate to the closet and out the door.

Transitional Dining Room by Hi-Tech Builders, Inc. in Encino, CA

With a vaulted ceiling and double glass doors, this dining room is open and welcoming. The hanging lights illuminate the table for a sumptuous meal, and the chairs are comfortable, covered in cushions from back to bottom. It's easy for guests to navigate around the rectangle to get to the right seat and enjoy a beautiful view at the landscape.

Transitional Kitchen by Venezia Marble & Granite in Ridgefield, CT

The first two words to describe this transitional kitchen are white and sleek. With white cabinets and walls offset by stainless steel appliances and grey marble countertops, this kitchen is about efficiency. One or more cooks can move around the island to prep food, and the hardwood flooring has little or no waxing and staining, which helps to prevent slippage.

Transitional Living Room by Colorado Visions in Littleton, CO

This transitional living room expresses comfort and coziness, with a couch and two chairs facing each other for conversing. There's a fireplace to keep everyone warm during the cold nights, and a clock atop the mantle keeps all abreast of the time. The color palette for this room is warm to match the decor. It's comfortable and quiet for a nice evening at home.

Transitional Home Office by Rachel Blindauer Interior Design in San Francisco, CA

Who needs a home office with clutter and too many shelves when all you really need are the basics? This transitional home office focuses on simplicity, with a desk, lamp, chair and rug underneath for comfort. There are few decorations and sparsely any distractions, so the focus can be on work and productivity.