04/09/2015 04:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Outdoors More Enjoyable

With the longer nights and the warmer weather, it's time to get your outdoor areas ready for entertaining and relaxing. Upgrading your backyard isn't as tough as it sounds, with these fun and easy DIY's to inspire your decorating spirit.

1. Bring on the birds

Project via Jessi @Practically Functional

Add some visual interest and a springtime soundtrack all at once, with a sweet DIY birdfeeder that will attract some feathered friends. (Directions here)

2. Embellish with chalk

Project via Holly @504 Main

Easy and temporary, this quick decor idea is a fun way to add some interest to your boring fence or stone walkway, and it's sure to bring on some happy childhood memories. (Here's how)

3. Hang an elegant lamp

Project via Corey @Tiny Sidekick

An outdoor candle-ier is not only any easy upcycle, but a romantic way to add a little ambiance to evening hangouts. (Directions here)

4. Add a rainboot garden

Project via Angela @Twelve Oaks Manor

Repurpose last season's rain boots by turning them into flowering planters. Mix and match boot colors and bright flower hues, for maximum decor vibrancy! (Here's how)

5. Make a flower chandelier

Project via Robin @All Things Heart and Home

Grab a couple beloved mason jars, and tie them to a wire basket at varying heights, for a fabulous hanging flower chandelier that will add instant charm and whimsy to your outdoor space. (Here's how to do it)

6. Set up a bottle tree

Project via Pam @House of Hawthornes

Ok, so this may sound weird if you're not an avid DIYer, but these things are actually super popular, and it's clear why. Recycle your glass bottles and decorate your space with a colorful glass feature all at once! (Directions here)

7. Spray paint your outdoor furniture

Project via Lisa @Concord Cottage

Now that you've dragged your patio set out of the garage, don't you wish it looked just a little shinier and newer? That's where spray paint comes in! (Do it like this blogger did)

8. Install a garden fountain

Project via Charlotte @Ciburbanity

Nothing adds an air of relaxation to your backyard paradise quite as well as a trickling water feature. Especially when you've made it yourself, with this easy DIY. (Directions here)

9. String up some twinkly lights

Project via Randi and Carol @Frugelegance

Fairy lights aren't just good for your Christmas tree, they're also a magical way to light your outdoor spaces. Create an intimate backyard lounge, by stringing up a few of these twinkly strings. (Get this look)

10. Create interesting ornaments

Project via Adina @Simply Country Life

Every garden needs some interest, and this vintage chair repurpose will definitely give you that! Turn an old chair into a mossy, succulent filled planter, perfect for adding character to your garden! (Here's how)

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