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39 Halloween Decorations Made from Things Laying Around Your House

When it comes to putting the finishing touches on your Halloween home, there's no reason to visit a store or even leave your house at all! Go on a scavenger hunt through your home and gather old clothes, empty bottles, and a few other random items, to make these 39 easy decorations and spook up your space for free!

1. Those Outgrown Kids' Clothes

Project via Bliss @Bliss Ranch

Ghosts in kids clothing? There may be literally nothing scarier. See full tutorial here.

2. Finished Spirit Bottles

Project via Michelle @Michelle Designs

They used to hold spirits, not they're hold potions and concoctions capable of summoning spirits. See full tutorial here.

3. An Extra Roll of Toilet Paper

Project via Megan @C'mon, Get Crafty

A couple scraps of toilet paper make the world's easiest mummy wreath (did we mention, free!). See full tutorial here.

4. Plastic Cups from Your Paper Goods Closet

Project via Jamie @Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Don't worry - this won't empty out your stock. Just grab a few and get to crafting. See full tutorial here.

5. A Few Empty Glass Jars

Project via Jenna @Wife in Progress

As a rule, you should never toss glass jars. There's so much you can do with them, including mummify them! See full tutorial here.

6. That Lonely Pot Lid

Project via Randi @Dukes and Duchesses

Who knows where the matching pot went, but you're left with the lid and nothing to use it for. Until now... See full tutorial here.

7. A Styrofoam Display Head

Project via Albion @Albion Gould

If you keep your wigs or hats in supreme condition, chances are it's because you've got at least one of these stowed somewhere. See full tutorial here.

8. Your Extra Embroidery Hoops

Project via Jocie @One Project Closer

You weren't planning on using those for any actual embroidering any time soon, right? See full tutorial here.

9. Some Scraps of Fabric (T-Shirts)

Project via Thea @Time with Thea

Cut up old t-shirts and turn them into a spooky door greeting. See full tutorial here.

10. The Hula Hoop from the Garage

Project via Steph @Crafting in the Rain

OK, you didn't even know you still had this, but it's tucked right at the back of the garage covered in dust. Time to make it even scarier than that! See full tutorial here.

11. Some Free Mason Jars

Project via Malia @Yesterday on Tuesday

This is a super cute use for a mason jar. That is, assuming you can find one that hasn't been nail-polished, glittered, or covered in pieces of pine cone. See full tutorial here.

12. Empty Starbucks Bottles

Project via Dee @Meatloaf and Melodrama

If you're a coffee addict, today's your lucky day! Start saving up those bottles for a delicious design. See full tutorial here.

13. Tin Cans from the Recycling Bin

Project via Sarah @Flourish & Knot

Grab some clean tin cans and get to poking, for this fun and freaky outdoor lighting idea. See full tutorial here.

14. That Old Light Fixture You Meant to Toss

Project via Sarah @Sadie Seasongoods

It's a good thing you held onto this for so long, because you're about to blow away your Halloween guests. See full tutorial here.

15. Cut Up Paper Towel Tubes

Project via Kris @Creative Me Inspired You

Give your trick-or-treaters a fun personal package, for free (well, except for the candy). See full tutorial here.

16. Your Kids' Old Toy Blocks

Project via Jaime @Jaime of All Trades

If your children were ever block tower builders, you've likely still got a crate of these somewhere. Give them a ghoulish new face for Halloween! See full tutorial here.

17. An Old Pillow Case

Project via Alex @Northstory

With an embroidery hoop, an old pillowcase, and a light, you can create full moon fright in an instant! See full tutorial here.

18. The Old Retired Cutting Board

Project via Laura @Pet Scribbles

It's served it's purpose for food prep, and now it's time for a fresh new costume. See full tutorial here.

19. Easy Printed Graphics

Project via Fotini @Farmhouse Chic Blog

For the fastest decorating imaginable, look no further than your own home printer. See full tutorial here.

20. Ordinary Drinking Glasses

Project via Angela @Blue i Style

This won't change them for good, but dressing up your drinking glasses is a great way to add functional decoration to a Halloween bash. See full tutorial here.

21. Your Birthday Balloon Stockpile

Project via Jess @Bright Green Door

Take a few balloons out of your birthday supplies (maybe the least popular colors?) for these eerie floating yard ghosts. See full tutorial here.

22. Some Fresh Corn Husks

Project via Sara @Twelve on Main

Have a cozy fall barbeque or a nice dinner party, and serve lots of yummy corn. Then, just go about drying the husks, for leftover broomstick supplies that won't cost you an extra cent. See full tutorial here.

23. Those Cheap Plate Holders or Chargers

Project via Jenny @Refresh Living

Three chargers is a small price to pay for this cute Halloween greeting. See full tutorial here.

24. That Leftover Metal Ribbon

Project via Amy @Highstyle ReStyle

If you've recently made some picture frames or update old furniture, you might have some scraps of this around. See full tutorial here.

25. Your Collection of Miniature Christmas Houses

Project via Sara @Shabby Grace Blog

They're a Christmas staple, but this Halloween update is about to make these little painted houses much more fun! See full tutorial here.

26. Last Year's Christmas Lights

Project via Amy @Atta Girl Says

Use an extra string of fairy light, some gathered fall foliage, and a few scraps of felt for this tasty lighting treat. See full tutorial here.

27. Stuffing from the Sewing Box

Project via Leslie @Oh, the Fun

Who needs fake spider webs when you've got stuffing stowed away in your craft room? See full tutorial here.

28. Some Old Books

Project via Susan @Organized 31

Make sure to choose books with broken spines or yellowing pages, for this quick, clever update. See full tutorial here.

29. Last Year's Plastic Cauldron

Project via Chloe @Celebrate & Decorate

Every house has one of these that they drag out every Halloween and stow away the rest fo the year. It's time for an update! See full tutorial here.

30. A Metal Bucket from Your Summer Porch

Project via Mrs. Major Hoff @Major Hoff Take a Wife

During warm weather, this held ice and cold drinks. Now, it's the perfect candy container. See full tutorial here.

31. Color Coding Labels from the Home Office

Project via Kathleen @Charm Bracelet Diva

Use these bright circle stickers to create your polka dot pattern. See full tutorial here.

32. Jute Ribbon from Your Craft Room

Project via Samantha @Little Bits of Home

Leftover present wrapping ribbon, perhaps? Whatever you've got, use it to make a ruffled pumpkin. See full tutorial here.

33. A Few Fallen Branches

Project via Sydney @Tastefully Frugal

Turn a fallen branch and some tall grass and dead weeds into the witchiest broom you ever did see. See full tutorial here.

34. Some Extra Clipboards from Your Office Supplies

Project via Sara @Twelve on Main

For this simple look, print out some graphics and use extra clipboards to pin them up around the house. See full tutorial here.

35. Flattened Cardboard Boxes from the Garage

Project via Holly @504 Main

Cut cardboard boxes into a creepy corrugated ghost garland for indoors or outside. See full tutorial here.

36. Black Construction Paper from the Playroom

Project via Jamie @Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

This is a super easy way to totally transform your space, top to bottom! See full tutorial here.

37. Last Season's Sweaters

Project via Cat @Pocketful of Posies

Make a set of plush pumpkins from last season's sweaters and pin on a perfect Halloween message. See full tutorial here.

38. Two or Three Empty Picture Frames

Project via Holly @504 Main

Take out those family photos for a day and replace them with some simple and spooky painted silhouettes. See full tutorial here.

39. A Throw Pillow Insert

Project via Sydney @Tastefully Frugal

A simple white throw pillow is all it takes to make this frightened mummy to cozy up your halloween living room. See full tutorial here.

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