12/23/2014 12:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

32 Ways DIYers Won Holiday Lights in 2014

Ok, we all know the classic decked-out tree and light-lined home exterior go-tos, but what about those few, exceptional lighting enthusiasts who go above and beyond? Most of us are happy with some string lights and tinsel, but not these folks! These DIYers just snagged the gold medal for this event, and here's why!

1. Because they made Rudolph's nose a little more flashy

Project via Hometalker Leigh Anne @Houseologie

Get the cu-torial here!

2. They gave this old painting a glitzy upgrade

Project via Hometalker Jen @Fresh Crush

See how she did it here!

3. Because they found the perfect use for an ugly Christmas sweater

Project via Hometalker Nikki @Tikkido

Want to repurpose some of your own? Find directions here.

4. And they taught a band of mason jars to be a tree

Project via Hometalker Malia @Yesterday on Tuesday

Make your own with these instructions!

5. They followed Queen Elsa's fashion tips and decorated with ice

Project via Hometalker Jessi @Practically Functional

Here's how you can make your own!

6. And they gave these candles a new sparkly outfit for Hanukkah

Project via Hometalker Lory @Designthusiasm

Check out her whole event here!

7. Because they set this shining swag up with that hallway mirror and there was an instant connection

Project via Hometalker Cynthia Weber @Cynthia Weber

Here's the whole home tour.

8. And they taught plastic ornaments a new trick

Project via Hometalker Bre @Brepurposed

This is how she did it.

9. Because they gave this foamcore its wings

Project via Hometalker Mindy @My Love 2 Create

Get the DIY here.

10. And they lit a starry night for some weary travelers

Project via Hometalker Kim @The Kim Six Fix

Here's how they did it.

11. They helped these party drinks find their inner glow

Project via Hometalker Nikki @Tikkido

Check out her clever trick!

12. And they found the light in chair cane

Project via Hometalker Jessica @Dear Emmeline

The easy tutorial is here!

13. Because they found an even better use for a banister than sliding down it

Project via Hometalker Thea @Time with Thea

Check out how incredible it looks in the daytime!

14. And they created the most inviting yard you've ever seen

Project via Hometalker Jeanie @Create & Babble

Learn how to make your own here.

15. Because they don't let their lanterns suffer tree-envy

Project via Hometalker Tara @Crafts Unleashed

Get the directions here.

16. And they introduced candy to candles, causing peace on earth

Project via Hometalker Michelle @Dandelion Patina

Such an easy trick and so delicious!

17. They turned a bunch of Christmas goodies into a band of brothers

Project via Hometalker Shelley @Sow & Dipity

Get the tutorial here for this lovely arrangement.

18. Because they found the perfect shutter repurpose

Project via Hometalker Donna @Funky Junk Interiors

Want to see the whole look? Check here!

19. Because they taught this bushy string of lights to be a wreath

Project via Hometalkers Randi and Carol @FrugElegance

See how they did it here.

20. And they decided that really anything can be a tree if you hang some lights on it

Project via Hometalker Janette @The 2 Seasons

Cool, right? Here's the rest of the room!

21. They gave the earth great light with Noel

Project via Hometalker Malia @Yesterday on Tuesday

Here's the DIY so you can do it too.

22. And they showed this little vignette its inner beauty

Project via Hometalker Rita @Panoply

And here's how!

23. Because they know that even little trees deserve a lot of shine

Project via Hometalker Marty @Marty's Musings

Want to replicate the look?

24. And they made sure to let Rudolph know just where to land that sleigh

Project via Hometalker Sarah @Little Red Brick House

Want the trick? Check here!

25. Because they can make you want to put on a sweater and grab a mug of cocoa

Project via Hometalker Lisa @Concord Cottage

Find out how here!

26. And they created the perfect winter wonderland for elves

Project via Hometalker Carrie @Making Lemonade

Get the full tutorial here.

27. Because they turned a mantel into a full-on Menorah

Project via Hometalkers Randi and Carol @FrugElegance

And that's not all they did - check it out!

28. And they knew just how to spread some joy

Project via Hometalkers Trish and Bonnie @Uncommon Designs

Here's what she did!

29. Because they understand that, even on Christmas, less is much much more

Project via Hometalker Carrie @Making Lemonade

Check out the rest of the look here.

30. Unless you're talking about adding a rustic twist, and then they're always up for the challenge

Project via Hometalker Laura @Pet Scribbles

See how she did it!

31. Because they know the safest ways to create coziness

Project via Hometalker Jessica @Mad in Crafts

Learn the trick here!

32. And they don't let a little burnout ruin their celebrations!

Project via Hometalker Amanda @Mommy Is Coo Coo

You can make it too - follow directions here.

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