11/18/2014 12:49 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Here's Your Bedroom Design Style Cheat Sheet

Have you ever seen a room and thought, that is what my dream house would look like? We know - we've felt the same thing. Whether you're a country girl, an eclectic chic, or a modern woman, you always want your bedroom style to reflect your inner you. That's why we created a cheat sheet to help you identify what decor details and pieces you need to create the room of your dreams! Just choose a style and get to decorating!

1. Cozy Cottage:

French Cottage Bedroom via Hometalker Courtney @French Country Cottage

Wake up to that farm-girl life, working with your hands and enjoying the familiar, warm surroundings of family and friends! It's all part of having this bedroom!

Color Scheme: Creams and light tones for walls and bedding, dark floors and frame
Materials and Styles: Frilly cotton linens and knitted blankets, glossy dark wood
Details and Contrasts: Plaid in traditional, vibrant colors, like red and yellow
Lighting: Romantic chandelier

2. Colorful Eclectic:

Colorful Master Bedroom via Hometalker Spray Paint & Chardonnay @Spray Paint & Chardonnay

You don't shy away from taking a few thrilling risks, so your room has to be just as unique and expressive as you are. Get the full eclectic look!

Color Scheme: Black, white, and grey background, with bright pops of color
Materials and Styles: Organic Cotton, crinkled linen
Details and Contrasts: Metallic highlights, unconventional decor pieces
Lighting: Fairy lights

3. Modern Elegance:

Operation Sultrify Bedroom via Hometalker Sharon @Lilikoi Joy

A gradual wake up in a quiet setting is your ideal morning. And let's not forget - you'll need the perfect spot for that first cup of coffee and a good book. You're sure to find it in this modern bedroom!

Color Scheme: Darker color palette, softer hues
Materials and Styles: Tufted headboard, carpet, dramatic window treatments
Details and Contrasts: Framed bright stencils and prints, bright throw pillows, mirrors
Lighting: Pendant Chandelier

4. Nautical Traveler:

Nautical Bedroom via Hometalker Marty @A Stroll Thru Life

If you can't be traveling the world on the deck of a ship, or lounging on a warm beach, you may as well get to feel like you are every morning. You'd be right at home in a nautical bedroom like this!

Color Scheme: Lots of blue and white
Materials and Styles: Wicker and rattan, weathered-looking wood, plush cotton bedding
Details: Beach/Ocean paraphernalia (shells, coral, etc.), nautical-esque architectural details
Lighting: Bright, lots of big windows for natural light

5. Vintage Treasure:

Vintage Bedroom via Hometalker Becky @Buckets of Burlap

That fresh paint smell and the newest line of furniture is just not for you. You'd prefer your bedroom had a story and a cozy, timeless air. If you want vintage, check out the rest of the look!

Color Scheme: Light color palette
Materials and Styles: White textured bedding, french linen and seed bag
Details: Chippy paint, antique accent pieces, repurposed wood headboard
Lighting: Lanterns, antique chandeliers, and industrial pendant lamps

If none of these are quite right, check out our Bedroom Ideas page on Hometalk, and find the look that screams you!