03/13/2015 12:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Would You Rather See White and Gold or Black and Blue?

When #TheDress took the internet by storm, all anyone wanted to know was, what colors do you see: blue and black or white and gold? Well, now that the phenomenon has been explained and we know that none of our friends are just playing an elaborate prank on us, we have a different question for you: Which color combo do you prefer?

1. White side tables, gold-dipped legs

Project via Draven @Draven Made

What do you think -- could you "see" this in your home? Slender and chic, these mismatched side tables make any space classy.

2. Blue hutch, black accessories

Project via Kelsey @The Vintage Storehouse

If you're going for a richer more dramatic vibe, don't discount that black and navy combo. These paired dark tones are instantly stately.

3. White and gold striped planter

Project via Rachel @Fifty Two Weeks (of DIY)

You can show your team pride and celebrate spring all at once. Turns out, team White+Gold looks great with green, too!

4. Blue gems and black shale garden feature

Project via Thea @Time with Thea

Then again, creating contrast is always a strong fashion statement, even in the garden. Blue glass gems on black shale pebbles is a unique feature that will add a new dimension to your garden.

5. White and gold detailed bathroom

Project via Julia @Cuckoo 4 Design

Not only is this bright and refreshing, but this light and glittering combo was accomplished with white painted walls and gold sharpie designs! Ah, the upsides of bright paint colors.

6. Blue walled and black floored bathroom

Project via Germarie

If you were wondering why you might go with a dark palette, nothing adds depth quite like dark paint colors. These vibrant blue walls paired with black trim and tiled floors create the WOW factor that makes this a magazine-worthy powder room.

7. Gold striped walls and white furniture

Project via Kim @Savvy South Style

Luckily, with home decor, you don't need to cramp all your colors into one dress-sized corner -- go ahead and spread that palette throughout your space.

8. Black decor on blue walls

Project via Jenna @Jenna Burger Design

The same applies for you Blue+Black fans. As long as the primary effect is that bold color combo, don't be afraid to mix in other details.

9. Stenciled white and gold bedroom

Project via Jamie @So Much Better with Age

Keep in mind that, while colors are important, designs and patterns play just as big of a role. Make your colors unique by choosing a design that's all your own.

Unlike with the infamous dress, you have more than two color schemes to choose from for your home decor. Turn up the creativity and gather inspiration, ideas, and how-to's from Hometalk.