07/18/2014 12:13 pm ET Updated Sep 17, 2014

The 7 Magic Steps of Achievement

In order to achieve anything, you absolutely must have your ducks in a row. There are simple yet not-so-easy steps that can accelerate you on your quest for achievement. In fact, when you "have your act together" you can by-pass all of the folks who are showing up without a plan, hoping for success, all while living mostly in reaction. By taking a strategic, intentional and proactive approach to success, you'll achieve your outcomes faster, easier and with less stress.

1. Set clear long-term and short-term goals and commit 100%. Make sure that you're motivated by, and committed to, the goals you've set for yourself. This will help ensure you're willing to take the necessary steps to reach those goals successfully.

2. Stay focused on your goals once you've set them. It's easy to stray off course, and by keeping your goals in sight, you can work toward them every day. Post your goals where you can see, and consciously review, them at least twice a day.

3. Overcome obstacles. No one ever said that reaching your goals and obtaining success was easy. If you truly desire to achieve success in life, you must be willing to overcome any and every obstacle you encounter on the way to reaching your goals and dreams. Be the "ant the moved the plant" and go around, under, or over any obstacles that land in your path.

4. Approach your goals and dreams with a positive attitude. It makes no sense to think you can have a negative attitude, that you can't really accomplish your goals, and still be successful. A negative attitude in life will only slow you down, while a positive attitude will act as a buoy even as you encounter obstacles. Stay unfailingly positive even if the road gets tough, and you'll be that much closer to achieving success, and you'll get there much sooner.

5. Be flexible and creative. Things may not always turn out the way you'd hoped or planned, but by being flexible and creative, you'll be able to think of new, more efficient ways to reach your goals. When you come up against a challenge, brainstorm a dozen ways to overcome it. At least one of them will be a valid solution to get you back on the right track.

6. Communicate effectively. Life and success isn't a one man or woman show, so knowing how to be clear and kind when dealing with others are skills that will greatly serve you on your path to success.

7. Take care of your mind and body. Eat healthfully, exercise regularly, get adequate sleep, and allow your mind to rest from time to time so that you'll be in top physical and mental shape when pursuing success.

These Magic Steps may look easy, but they're not. They're simple, but the execution will take commitment and, at times, a re-commitment. Stay in the game, because you will benefit, and as a result, the world will benefit!

Honorée Corder is the best-selling author of a dozen books, including of Vision to Reality: How Short Term Massive Action Equals Long Term Maximum Results.