11/30/2012 12:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

#Decembeard Delivers Hope for the Hairy

With the somber wrap up of No-Shave-November, men may find themselves feeling lost and suffering from separation anxiety. But with the end of one splendid bushy month, comes another, and HooplaHa is here to deliver you the good news of Decembeard.

What is one to do with an epic moustache now? Look no further-- Decembeard is here to provide an outlet, or excuse, to prolong that exquisite facial hair that your significant other likely disagrees with. Featuring Edge, WWE's Rated R Superstar and 2012 Hall of Famer, HooplaHa created Decembeard Cometh to spread the smiles this December.

Take a look at how these manly men wear their beards like a badge of honor:

A true mark of a man, the moustache and now beard pay homage to the great men of our time. So put down your razor, get rid of the creams and lotions -- cut yourself free from the chains of male grooming products for another month.

"Decembeard leads to a new year of possibilities -- growth you didn't know you were capable of -- pushing yourself to new heights of beardiness. November 30 is not a day of death, but a doorway to new life. So grow on young man, grow on."

HooplaHa fully supports the facial hair movement. Do you have or know someone with an incredible beard that you'd like to share? Go to and tell us about it!