11/12/2012 12:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mother of Veteran Changes Lives With Optimism

Veteran's Day is for remembering our country's heroes and honoring their valiant actions. Everyone celebrates in various ways, but to carry the memory of her late son with her always, Ida Gonzalez started a non-profit. When her son Michael was killed while serving in the U.S. Army in Baghdad, Iraq in 2008, she was destroyed.

After realizing the great strength of her son for giving his life to this country, Ida took on a new attitude and purpose -- to empower and inspire others -- thus creating the Butterfly Circle of Friends. Truly motivated by her son's humble attitude, Ida proclaimed, "Michael was in Iraq to make a difference in others lives and we want to continue his legacy."

Check out how optimism changed Ida's life:

The Butterfly Circle of Friends is a non-profit organization formed by the Gonzalez family of Spotswood, New Jersey, to honor their son, Spc. Michael L. Gonzalez, who was killed in combat. The organization's mission is to assist those in need both locally and worldwide and is comprised of volunteers. Ida's biggest goal is to help families who have lost children to find hope and healing in their lives. Check out their website to see how you can get involved and see their latest initiatives.

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