09/13/2013 03:35 pm ET Updated Nov 13, 2013

Positive Paparazzi: Liam Payne Saves Friend From Fire, World Swoons

Yep, Liam's done it again and made us all weak in the knees. The 1D member saved his friend's life from a ferocious fiyahh! Talk about smolder. HA, GET IT?

Edward Norton wants you to say NO to ivory. Bad ivory! BAD!

Angelina Jolie got an Oscar from the Academy for being one boss humanitarian.

David Beckham gave Prince William advice on being a super great advocate for wildlife preservation.

What's Robert DiNero's wife doing in Rwanda?? Lots of good stuff, that's what.

The Game, committed an extremely generous random act of kindness when he gave $10,000 to the family of a 6-year-old girl who was killed in a shooting.

Demi Lovato wrote a book that gives readers a literary pep talk on how to "stay strong" for each day of the year. Demi, be more ambitious. Oh wait, that's NOT POSSIBLE.

Goldi Hawn and Adriana Lima raised $2.5 million at the Novak Djokovic Fundraiser which will go toward helping underprivileged children in Serbia.

Nicole Ritchie and Jessica Alba also had the kiddies in mind when they teamed up with Ivory+Mason to support Baby2Baby, a charity that helps provide families in need with diapers and other essential baby gear.

Okay, here's a big one. Prince William and Kate Middleton usually shirk gifts for special occasions, but this time they made a beautiful exception.

Well. That was refreshing. The world has been pretty scary lately, but there's still good going on; persistent, genuine, honest-to-good goodness. Here's to the celebs who reminded us of that and restored our faith in humanity a little more. Cheers to THAT.

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