04/29/2014 05:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Spring Comes to Life With These Beautiful Flowers

At the beginning of March, I was able to shed the dreary gloom of winter from my life and step into something a little more refreshing. Unfortunately for me, this change of scenery consisted of rain, a lot of it. For the past few weeks, leaving the winter doom meant spending the majority of my time cold, drenched and miserable. Each day brought bouts of torrents with the sun and warmth nowhere in sight. But you know what they say... April showers bring May flowers, and finally, after months of brooding and anticipation, spring has come.

Enjoy the cherry blossoms in the capital, see the tulips in Amsterdam or hike the bluebonnet trail in Texas. With spring and the flowers in full bloom, it seems that sunny adventures are in store for everyone. So go ahead, trade in your snow boots for your rain boots, and your rain boots for some sensible sandals and enjoy. After all, there truly is no better time to stop and smell the flowers.