05/30/2012 08:11 am ET Updated Jul 30, 2012

Living a Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle, From the Inside Out

As goalkeeper for the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team, I am always on the go. My hectic schedule can be trying, but I know that in order to achieve my goals and look and feel my best, I need to maintain a balanced lifestyle -- from diet and fitness to my beauty routine and overall well-being.

I am currently preparing for the summer games in London, which are right upon us! We are at the peak of our training for the games and I spend most of my time in camp with the team. My typical routine consists of twice daily strength and endurance workouts, plus dynamic speed and agility sessions in the goal. I also love to jump rope for exercise -- I keep one in my gym bag or carry-on wherever I go.

Since I exercise so much, it is important that I fuel my body with the right foods and nutrients to maintain my strength and energy levels. I always stock up on protein after a hard workout - protein-rich foods help with muscle recovery. I tend to snack healthy and find my body wants and craves foods that are good for me. Cheese and crackers with bell peppers are one of my favorite low-calorie, crunchy snacks. I am conscious about my diet most of the time, but there are always those moments when you have to splurge. My guilty pleasure is Thai food and I know all the great spots in the cities I frequent.

Whether I am on or off the field, I always want to make sure I look my best so I can live and play with confidence. For years, I struggled to manage my sensitive skin, which is often exacerbated by my busy lifestyle -- frequent travel, changing climates... not to mention the intensity and stress of playing a professional sport. I thought it was just me and my skin, but I have come to learn that I am not alone. Most women -- 58 percent -- have sensitive skin.

Whether it is stress before a big game, extreme dryness or oiliness due to weather and climate changes, or just the dirt and build-up after eight long hours on the soccer field, my sensitive skin gets put through the ringer, which is why I never go on the field without the proper skincare. I look for gentle and effective formulas that keep my skin looking healthy and glowing so I can look my best when I am at an event or in front of millions on the national screen for a major tournament.

My motto is: Look good, feel good, play good. I make sure to live a balanced life, from the inside out. If you want a chance to learn some of my secrets, and hear about the my experiences when I return from the London games, visit and enter for a chance to meet me in Los Angeles and experience my balanced routine.

Wish me luck in London!

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