Questions New Yorkers Are Asking

"In the United States you can ask everything" seems to be the motto behind a group of simple, yet provocative, questions that are popping up in New York City sidewalks these days.

In the attempt to start a citywide dialogue with "the types of questions a child would ask, but few adults actually do," Spanish-born graphic designer, Marta Ibarrondo, is inviting New Yorkers to join her movement at The Unzipped Truth.

1. Why is modern art so expensive?


If it were affordable, collectors might consider it junk.

2. Why are we getting fatter and fatter?


Because billions and billions have been served.

3. Why is the G-spot so hard to find?


Men won't ask for directions.

4. Why are we slaves to fashion?


Because "classic" is just a fad.

5. Why does the NRA have so much power?


They've got a gun to the government head.

Images courtesy of The Unzipped Truth