12/12/2014 10:23 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Small Screen Escapes: Ideal Getaways for Our Favorite TV Characters

By Kristen McKenzie,

Is it just us, or does Scandal's Olivia Pope really need a vacation? When the poor gal's not burning the candle at both ends sorting out other people's professional and personal disasters, she's struggling with her own messy love life and high-stake intrigues. We here at HotelsCombined felt so bad for the overworked fixer - fictional though she may be - that we began combing through our database of over 800,000 accommodation options to find the perfect retreat where Olivia could temporarily rest and revitalize.


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But then that got us thinking about other television characters who could use a bit of a break (let's face it, Downton Abbey's pallid Lady Mary needs to get out of the British fog and into some sunshine ASAP). As leading experts in the travel industry, we couldn't help but accept the challenge of assigning our favorite small-screen protagonists the holidays we imagine they'd dream of. The result is a list of amazing spots around that globe that anyone, real or make-believe, would be sure to enjoy:

For the guys and gals of The Big Bang Theory:

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We can easily envision Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj embracing their nerdy sides at the Hotel Avante in the Silicon Valley - just a hop, skip and a jump away from their home base of Pasadena (which Sheldon would no doubt insist they travel from by train). Essentially little boys at heart, the friends are sure to appreciate the hotel's playful in-room features such as yo-yos, Etch-A-Sketches and Rubik's cubes and Sheldon would especially be pleased to note that bedside 'idea pads' are available should he be struck by any brilliant ideas in the middle of the night. Above all, the hotel is in close proximity to a slew of major technology companies and offers a complimentary weekday shuttle to a number of these - and we just know the gang could get into all kinds of trouble over at Google headquarters. Hotel Avante even offers a "Get your Geek on Package" which includes tickets to the Computer History Museum. Truly, a dream come true for our tech-loving foursome.

But that doesn't mean Penny, Bernadette and Amy will be left behind twiddling their thumbs. The gals can lounge by the pool, visit the nearby shopping districts or partake in a drink or two (or three or four) throughout the hotel's wine hour.

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For the Crawley Family of Downton Abbey:

2014-12-08-DowntonAbbey.jpg 2014-12-08-HotelduCapEdenRoc.jpg

For the Crawleys' frequent treks to London, we suggest they give the prestigious Goring Hotel a shot. Long before it made headlines for housing Kate Middleton the night before her wedding to William, the five-star property had a knack for attracting the upper crust with its cutting edge-amenities (it was the first hotel in the world to offer en-suite bathrooms) and luxurious décor. The blue-blooded Downton Abbey clan would certainly delight in knowing that Queen Mary herself stopped by regularly for tea throughout the 1920s.

But as mentioned earlier, the family - and Mary in particular - could use a bit more Vitamin D, so should they decide to venture outside Britain, we would highly recommend the legendary Hotel du Cap Eden Roc located along the French Riviera. A summer playground for the wealthy throughout the Roaring Twenties, the family could catch some rays while either lying next to the famous salt water pool or hobnobbing with their fellow elites at the pavilion.

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For Parks & Recreation's Leslie Knope:

2014-12-08-ParksRecreation.jpg 2014-12-08-FrenchLickResort.jpg

Should Leslie ever opt to take a quick break from her beloved town of Pawnee, Indiana, we think the state's iconic French Lick Resort would be right up her alley. Leslie would love the grand hotel's heritage status and would likely be the first to sign up for one of its daily historic tours. Always a busy bee, she'd have plenty to keep her occupied what with the estate's walking trails, extensive formal gardens, bowling alley, horse stables and on-site concerts and performances. And as an aficionado of whimsy, we're sure she'd adore taking her sweetheart Ben on a romantic carriage ride.

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For Olivia Pope of Scandal:

2014-12-08-scandal2.jpg 2014-12-08-Ritz_Georgetown.jpg

Olivia's obviously a total work-a-holic, so we won't kid ourselves by thinking she'd actually take an extended holiday out of town (at least, not by choice). But should she decide to get a day or two of rest, the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown would be an ideal staycation choice for her. The hotel is sleek, elegant and understated (much like Olivia herself), and while it's located along sleepy South Street, it's still close enough to the White House should there be any need to rush there in an emergency. Olivia can unwind with a glass of wine next to a crackling fire in the hotel living room, contemplate her love affairs while staring out over a view of the Potomac River or take a soak in her room's deep marble tub. And she'll be comforted to know that the property offers a hidden VIP exit should she want a certain high-profile politician to pay her a visit.

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For the Modern Family bunch:

2014-12-08-ModernFamily.jpg 2014-12-08-SofitelLegendCartagena.jpg

This lovable, offbeat family has journeyed together everywhere from Hawaii to Sydney, Australia, but we think it's high time that they all pay a visit to Gloria's homeland of Colombia. And while there, The Sofitel Legend Santa Clara in Cartagena would be a great home base for the Dunphy and Pritchett crew. The picturesque, five-star property (which Jay seems more than able to afford) has something for everyone - there's a private beach, a pristine outdoor pool, a fitness center, a top-notch spa and the hotel is located within proximity to a number of historical monuments, shops and entertainment options. There are connecting rooms, so the tight-knit gang can stay close, as well babysitting services for Lily and Joe should the adults want a night out.

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